Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Prayer for our World

October 8th, 2021

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike

Blessings to you, beautiful children of the world. I am Orion and I believe many of you know me by now since I have made a concerted effort to be known by you. Indeed, your Earth and what God has created upon this beautiful sphere within the universe, is a great blessing from God, a beautiful and magnificent creation of God, as are each of you upon this world. As you continue to discover the magnificence and the potential and the beauty that is your creation, your being upon this world, so you also begin to realise the complexities, the layers, and the interconnectedness of all of God’s Creation. From our perspective, we see that many are asleep and unaware of this beauty, this truth that is life.

Indeed, as our friend Augustine has indicated, we all need to help in the process of awakening humanity, to be a part of this awakening which is surely God’s plan for humanity. For, without this wakefulness, without humanity opening and eager to know greater truth, to know all that is to be known and experienced in life, how else can the world change? Humanity holds within its grasp the fate of this world. The power of humanity, the power that has been given by God to humanity, is great indeed, and so many do not understand this, do not see within them this power. They do not understand that through their thoughts, their choices, their actions, their very being, there is great influence upon the world. Because humanity has free will, it is able to counteract and destroy the balance and beauty of God’s Creation, so you find yourselves in great turmoil. Those systems that are a part of the Earth ecology are out of balance and continue to indicate this with many storms and situations that are unusual. Your scientists call some of these events, “one in a thousand years”, “one in a hundred years”, but I tell you, there will be many more than this and it will be one in ten-thousand years, one in a hundred-thousand years. It will be that severe and will take humanity by surprise and will cause much heartache and damage to the many who are vulnerable in your world.

This is the legacy that humanity has wrought upon your planet at this stage of development. Unfortunately I must say that in the many worlds of your universe, this sort of process and condition and challenge that comes to the peoples who inhabit various worlds, is a somewhat common one. Yet, each race must overcome the challenges of ego, of understanding the power of free will, and knowing the capacities of their own being and soul. Each race must awaken to these things and come to the conclusion that they must change their ways, their thoughts, and must come to love, to love all, to love all of creation, to love God.

In the awakening to love so harmony must come, because with this awakening comes the understanding and outcomes of an individual who is able to make choices for the betterment of all and for the betterment of your world. You are walking down this path, beautiful, bright souls that you are. You are coming to understand these things ever so gradually, ever so beautifully as your awareness blossoms into your conscious self. You are the forerunners of the inevitable transformation of humanity towards harmony, greater light and love, and we come to you to assist you in this, as do the angels as do the bright spirits and many other forces which conspire to bring greater light to your world.

You are a part of this great effort to bring about dramatic and necessary change to your planet. It comes slowly at first, but this pace will intensify, and humanity will come to know us and to know many who are assisting in this great transformation. It will be a changed world, and it must be a changed world. For, what humanity has wrought upon this world is not of God’s Creation or God’s intention, it is solely of humanity’s desire and effort, and this unfortunately, has been misguided in many ways and must come to harmony again, must come to love where love reigns supreme and where light shines upon your world.

We are with you, beloved souls. You have many thousands with you who are eager to assist in the transformation of your world. For, God has declared that this must be so, and in God’s declaration, there is a response from many corners, many places, many avenues of light and truth and love. You will be the beneficiaries of this, as will all humanity in times to come. May you come to realise and see for yourselves the power of this, the beauty of this, the wonderment of God’s Hand within this great transformation and healing of the world. May you see clearly, deeply, profoundly, your place within this. May you allow God to use you as His instruments to bring change. May the wisdom your soul awakened by love, give you what you require to truly understand and to act with wisdom, that which is your part in this great plan.

May God bless you upon this journey of awakening. May God uphold you in light. No matter what comes, may you be enshrouded in love, may you be safe, may you be guided, may you be strengthened, may you be inspired. Thank you for listening to me. I am Orion and I come to reinforce your intentions to pray for this world and to pray for humanity and to pray for your own souls. God bless you, my friends, God bless you with His Love. My love too is with you. God bless you.