Messages 2018

Shandor’s Comments about Direct Voice

March 8th, 2018

Mortal : Astral traveling Shandor from (Planet XN-1?)

Punaluua, Oahu, HI, U.S.A.

Received by Al Fike


Al: I think that they were very surprised and impressed a little that without the development that his civilization has gone though and the conditions that they live in, that we’re attempting such an ambitious goal with direct voice. He said he understands why, he says the need for it is very great and he sees why the effort is being made but he is kind of surprised that we’re not waiting for greater soul awareness on the earth… we’re kind of jumping the gun in a way, we’re sort of leaping ahead in bringing this gift forward.

He’s not saying it’s wrong or anything, just surprised that we’re going to try and do it.

J1: What does he look like, did you see?

Al: He looks pretty human … he’s old. I asked how old he is and he said he’s over 300 years old. So I guess they live a much longer time. I dunno, he had kind of a … what did his face look like? His nose is shortened, like it is not like our nose, different. Nostrils are flared or something … it’s kind of hard to really see clearly these things.

J1: Did he have hair?

Al: No, no.

(general comments …) Cool, we are on our way.

G: The leading edge…

J1: So how did he introduce himself?

Al: I just knew it was him and then he said he was Shandor. So I said like where are you in relation to us and he said well, he kind of showed me this star that’s waaaay far away, like really far away. He said, well, we’re the fifth planet on this star. I think he said it was XN-1.

G: So he was astral travelling again.

Al: Yeah

J1: So he’s still a human on that planet? He’s not spirit?

Al: Yeah, he’s in the material plane in that plane. (general comments…)

J2: Wow.

G: Same plane as us.

J2: Isn’t that fascinating.

Al: I wonder if he’ll speak to us one of these days.

G: That would be really good.

J2: Did you get a sense of what his world is like, is it good conditions?

Al: Yeah, yeah, very good conditions.

J1: He said, in 69-70, he said we love strangers more than you love your own children. 1

J2: Yeah, okay I remember that message …

G: It is on our website … pretty interesting.

J1: He also said we can’t understand why there is all this knowledge and it’s just on books and sitting on shelves and totally ignored. They couldn’t understand why that would be when the knowledge is here and we don’t take advantage of it.

G: He also says we’re doing thing that we know are wrong. The other thing fascinating is that he doesn’t know how you get along because we learn as children to discern the truth and never to lie, so nobody ever lies.

J1: There’s no hospitals, no … what did he say about the schools, do you remember?

G: I don’t remember about the schools. No hospitals?

J1: No, they don’t. He says they live … I’ll have to send you those …

M1: If they are on the website I will find them.

J1: Well, just those two but we have about 200 messages.

M1: From him?

J1: No, the 69-70 direct voice group with Alec Gaunt.

G2: You mean 1969-1970.

J1: Yeah, yeah.

Al: I said I don’t really know you and I don’t know where you’re from, what your deal is, I’m going to wait, you know. It’s a bit too different for me so … Anyway we kind of had a nice little conversation.

M1: Making friends.

J1: So, would you consider it or do you need to know from your gatekeeper whether you’d …

Al: Well, the gatekeeper already approved it, that’s the only way he’d have gotten through to me.

M1: He’s got the Al Fike gate … (laughter).

Al: That’s a narrow gate … very narrow.

Al: We are observing what you’re doing and we’re fascinated, he said, and we’re surprised that you’re attempting this in the conditions that you are living in. You know …

M: How can he come here if he’s not in spirit?

Al: Astral travelling. He said that they travel amongst the planets and communicate with each other that way. So, it’s … time is nothing … space is nothing.

J2: Why would they want to come here?

J1: Well, it’s fascinating … looking at … how bad can it get?

Al: I’ve always found G fascinating, so you know …

Note 1 Link to previous communications. Note previous communications were with an alien called “Kentor” and thus its not at all certain Shandor is from their planet.