Contemporary Messages From Spirit

We are unifying physical and soul, so no one will be left behind

September 9th, 2021

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike

I wish to tell you that we are bringing energies that are from the earth, and the natural order of earth, combining them with higher vibrational energies and blessings from God, to create a potent mix that will help you with your physical and help you with your alignment with what we are doing together.

Our job is to help you with various technological advances and machinery that will focus and concentrate these energies into waves that will be absorbed by your bodies and your spirits and will bring a sense of peace to your minds. This will uplift, assist in the uplifting of this gathering and the unifying of all of you, not only as souls but as mortals in the physical plane. It is important that this unification, this blending takes place, so that when developments are achieved then they are achieved unilaterally amongst you so that no one is left behind in this process.

We are very pleased to be able to be a part of this venture and to assist where we may. We bring these gifts as our beloved friend has said, not to distract you, but merely to inform you that there are many levels of efforts and outpourings of what is certainly blessings for each of you and all of you collectively.

You will come to know us and be familiar with us, for now that we have established this relationship and rapport. We will continue to be close and we will not leave when our work is done, rather we will continue to support you all in the work that is to come.  We are in this venture together, in these times together, is but merely the prelude to the great unfolding effort to uplift humanity that is to come in the very near future. And so our dedications are no temporary but are ongoing, and we are happy to be able to commit ourselves to the benefit of your collective desire to serve humanity in alignment with God’s Will.

In this way we are together. In this way, we are brothers and sisters, because our goals are the same and our deisres are the same. We may be several steps ahead of you in many ways but in one fundamental way we are the same, children of God and we shall work together as such. May God continue to bless us all on this beautiful journey of life, discovering, all that God has created, all that God has to give to each one of us, all that is waiting to be given and discovered.

May God bless you all. I am Orion. I am happy to be with you today and each day, in these wonderful efforts.