New Teachings from Jesus

Teachings from Jesus - Volume II

In April 2021 Jesus announced that he would use Al Fike to deliver a second volume of teachings.

There can be a delay after receiving these messages before they appear in print. But we now have a podcast page that has the messages very soon after the audio file is distributed.  

Author Title Date of Message
Jesus First Message in Volume 2 - Earth Changes April 9th, 2021
Jesus Earth Changes Continued - The Jesus Project Vol 2 Msg 2 April 13th, 2021
Jesus How to Counteract the Human Condition Vol 2 msg 3 April 19th, 2021
Jesus The Power of Love to Heal the Human Condition - Vol 2 msg 4 April 20th, 2021
Jesus The Power of the Soul to Bring One to God - Vol 2 msg 5 April 27th, 2021
Jesus Requirements for Development of Gifts including Direct Voice – Vol 2 msg 6 May 5th, 2021