Messages 2016

Don’t be afraid to express what is in your Soul

December 8th, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.


It is Confucius. God bless you. God bless you, beloveds, and God is blessing you at this very moment as you multiply your prayers together to receive the great love of God pouring into your souls at this very moment.

You have been given much in the way of teachings to contemplate while you have been together and there are many other teachings of the Love Divine for you to absorb and to know. And you must remember that when the angels give a message of truth there are many layers to these teachings when you read the words, pray about what is given and ask God to show you these many layers of truth.

For God has given this world much in terms of truth, much for each soul to understand, to truly grasp and there are many more truths to be given. The flow of truth does not end, as the growth of the soul does not end but what has been given over the years through others and through this channel constitutes a powerful vehicle for the growth of the soul to understand the direction in which you must all walk, the steps that you must take in living your lives in harmony with God’s Laws, the way in which you will receive the Father’s Blessings and how you will open in your own awareness and understandings of God’s creation.

Though each soul is unique and must travel their own unique path to God the angels have endeavoured to give you milestones to recognize upon the journey and ways in which you can recognize that you are indeed headed towards God and at-onement and to help you be comfortable with the changes that are inevitably coming within you.

Many do not trust these shifts of consciousness. They find it difficult to accept, their minds struggling for control and yet it is indeed this release of that need for control and mental surety that will bring greater understanding and a grounding in truth that you may enact in your lives with confidence that all will unfold in beauty, that what you know to be true is demonstrable and functional within your world and your being.

So, my beloved beautiful souls, trust in what you know, put into application what is true in your own self, live life in the light, seek the highest and know that we in the Celestial Kingdom will accompany you upon your journeys. Know that God has his hand firmly upon your being. Sometimes this requires a leap of faith, sometimes it is difficult to release an attachment and a worry and a fear but you will not float free, you will find an anchor in God and God will have you firmly within His grasp.

There is nothing to fear on the road to God and though this road may take you to unanticipated places within yourself and your life, God is orchestrating your healing and the expansion of your souls. He gives to you what you require to walk in light and for most of you there are conditions within you that are so subtle you do not recognize that they are there and as those elements of error that are obvious to you are expunged from your soul through expiation. other issues less recognized also emerge from you, seeking to be released for they cannot abide within your soul with the blessing of God’s Love within.

Allow this, my brothers and sisters, allow the love to push forth all those things within that are not in harmony with God and yes, this may be surprising, often difficult and challenging to your ways of thinking and being in the world and it may indeed seem like a leap of faith but you will overcome, you will see the wisdom in these changes and you must apply these new found levels of understanding to your lives, to your behaviours and how you are with others, my beloveds. It must reflect truth and wisdom and humility, all awash with love.

Growing in this way is not easy but the rewards, my beloveds, the rewards are immense, not only in this life but in the life to come. And in many ways this little group and all those who walk with you are forging a path for many, and God has placed special blessings upon you so that you are strong enough, and you have the insight to forge ahead, to make that path so rarely trod by humanity and the more there are of you, my beloveds, the wider will be the road, the easier it will be for those who follow. You will pass on your experiences, your wisdom, your love to others who begin. You will show others how to cope with the changes that are coming. You will stand tall in light and say “I know how we can be in the light and utilize what is happening around us. To increase the light of this world” and that wisdom will be given, my brethren, that understanding will flow within you easily and beautifully.

Each of you have the capacity to teach and to be strong examples of truth, though some doubt themselves. It is time to put aside your doubt and stand in light fully, be in that flow of Love, walk with the grace that comes with these blessings, teach with the simplicity that is of God, know with the surety that is of a soul awakened.

You know so much already, my beloveds, you are strong already but still you mask the power of your souls with the power of your minds and you do not fully love yourselves yet you continue to grow and these conditions that are not of Love continue to fall away. That hardened shell around you is softening and breaking down so that this newborn, beautiful creature that is you shall emerge and express light into the world.

Have faith, my beloveds, have faith in what is happening deep within you, how the power of this love that burns within you will break through and you will break free of the old restrictions and errors and come forth as a beautiful, new creature of love shining bright, full of joy and enthusiasm for God’s Will to be done in this world through each one of you. Many, many possibilities and potentials and opportunities to do God’s work await for all who are willing and who have stepped through the barriers of their own human condition and accepted the power of what lies within them and in that acceptance comes a knowing of God’s Will, a knowing of his presence in your lives, in your souls. It comes step by step and there is much to follow and will come quickly and swiftly as you gain momentum in the transformation of your souls, as you are slowly liberated of your own human condition, beloveds, God carries you, he uplifts you, he pours his love within you.

You will come to that place of which I speak and you will be surprised at what you see within you and what you express through your souls. Continue to pray for his love to bring you to that place. And I bring you a blessing, my beloveds, that will assist you in your journey. God pours his love upon you, beloved souls, be at peace. Confucius loves you dearly. God bless you.