Messages 2018

Moment by Moment Soul Awakening Through Prayer

March 5th, 2018

Punaluua, Oahu, HI, U.S.A.

Received by Al Fike


May God’s blessings and Love continue to pour into you, beloved souls and His Grace guide you through your days as you continue to wish to serve the Heavenly Father with each day and to be a channel of Love for His beautiful ministrations upon humanity.

You continue to be prepared for the work that is ahead. You continue to be eager so that you are a clear and beautiful channel for God. You are correct in your idea that God is saving your gifts and what you may come to bring forth as His channels for that time when God’s Plan and purpose for you is in harmony and becomes clear and vital as the world experiences the changes that are to come. I know you wish to experience manifestation of spirit of the highest order and I know you are eager to be a part of these manifestations. Yet it is the upliftment of your soul, the development of your soul in Love, that is of the greatest importance at this time. As you come together in this way and in these conditions, in harmony, you inch your way closer to your goal. You come a little further along in the awakening of your souls with each prayer, each act of Love, kindness and each moment with God.

Yes it is not so easy, but it is simple. We do not take you through processes that are complex and difficult to understand. No, my beloveds, it is simple, to love, to come together in prayer, to do those things that are readily understandable to prepare your bodies and your spirits, your minds and your souls.

I know you feel that you have slipped back into old conditions and patterns, that that impetus that you felt while you were together some time back has been missing. But I tell you, beloved souls, you continue to move forward. Your Lights, the Lights within your souls continue to grow brighter. You indeed feel the upliftment of the conditions that are created when you are together and this is indicative of the progress you have made, my beloved souls. Do not underestimate the power of your own soul enlivened by the Father’s Love. Though your minds may indeed be distracted by the lives that you lead, the conditions that you engage with in your daily life, your soul continues to forge ahead, seeking ever closer at-onement with God. When you feel you are not in that condition of Love and are out of harmony, it is not the condition of your soul that you are aware of, it is the condition of your mind. This indeed is an old pattern that many of you are engaged with, allowing the mind to take its lead in your consciousness, where we have implored you and you understand that you must bring your soul forward to take the lead, to have a greater portion of your awareness. The soul consciousness is not so elusive, is it? It is not so difficult. But you must pray often. You must sustain this awareness in prayer and keep your thoughts in alignment with prayer, so that all the faculties of your soul may come to your conscious self to be alive, active, influencing your actions and your sense of reality.

This in itself is simple, but there is a cross current of your mind that continues to work against these efforts, and this desire to be in alignment with God and your own soul. Yet you have the help of the angels, you have the Light within your soul. You have God’s Touch upon you. All of these things are powerful factors and influences in this great struggle between your soul and your mind. You will come to a time in your earthly life when these two elements within you come together in harmony and the struggle will be no more and you will have a deep sense of relief and satisfaction that you have overcome a great hurdle in your spiritual journey. This is coming, my beloveds. There are more and more times in your daily life when you sense the power of your own soul and its influence upon you and you feel the angels close, with God’s Love pouring upon you. You have a sense of God guiding you. You have a sense of God using you as a channel of His Love. As you journey further upon this path and you become more fully awake, these things will be easy. It will be reflexive, natural and an expression of your own consciousness.

Think of how you were in the beginning of this journey, with your thoughts, your fears, your ideas, your sense of self and your sense of the world. How different this is now, how different you are. The Light in your soul continues to permeate your consciousness. Your desires have changed, not so much seeking the gratification of the material world but seeking the gratification that comes from your connection with God and your sense of self in the Kingdom, the universe of God. This is your soul awakening, beloveds. This is who you are becoming and what you are to be. This will only get stronger as you become stronger in the Light. When this transition, this re-establishment of your conscious self becomes a predominant factor within your life, then you will be ready to manifest these gifts, beloved souls. Much will happen when you are ready. For in many ways what is required to be established within you, within each one of you and your gifts in order to manifest direct voice and other gifts has already been established. It is within you. Primarily you come together now to support one another in truly establishing the awakening of your souls, to help one another give birth to your true selves in a way that makes you truly in harmony with what God intends you to be.

I know this seems elusive and vague. This is only because your minds continue to resist and you continue to give over to the power of your mind rather than have that balance between the mind and the soul. But it is coming. You continue to allow the soul its place in your conscious awakened self.

Practice making greater effort, continuing to intensify your prayers and to discipline your mind so that you may not be so entangled in the human condition and by the condition that has been established within your material mind by your experiences, by what has been fed into that mind all of your lives. Yet the Love, the Love continues to influence and break down those barriers and those mental habits and the error within those parts of your thinking which do not allow Love. It is coming. This is why you crave to be together in this way, because it is so much easier to be in that harmony and in that balance. But you must learn to be in this condition each and every day. When this is accomplished, you will know a deep joy, a deep sense of the power of the Father’s Love and the beauty of His Love and what you are meant to be in God’s Creation. For to lead others to this Light, you must truly be an example. There is no other way. This cannot be feigned. It must be a true and authentic expression of your souls, of your entire self. So we watch you, day in and day out, hour by hour, and we continue to support you in Love. God continues to pour His Blessings upon you. We see how with each day you make a little progress. You make decisions which help you to progress in Light, decisions that not that long ago were difficult to make and now are easier because your souls have more influence upon you.

Yes this awakening will not come in a flash or revelation. No, my beloveds, it is a day by day reckoning of who you are and how you are in the world. You inch ever closer. The Light continues to brighten within you. You continue to love yourself in a deeper way and love your brothers and sisters more fully and your life becomes richer for it. Aspects of yourself begin to awaken, the knowings of your soul are more readily accessed. God feels closer. Your ability to love is stronger and deeper. You are living the journey of Divine Love, each of you. And each of you are doing so with a great sincerity, a deep faith and desire to progress in this way. Thus the Laws work in your favour because of what you desire and what efforts you make. But all rests with you, my beloveds, at this time. All rests upon your choices. This is not a new concept. We have talked about this before. I merely remind you. Your struggles are not wasted, my beloveds. Your efforts are not wasted. Your prayers are not unanswered. God continues to carry you forward as you continue to struggle to find your way, to grow stronger. The miracle of God’s Love continues to work within you. It is indeed a miracle, a wondrous, wondrous gift that you have received and is changing you. You will look back upon this time and see more clearly the phases and stages that you were meant to go through upon your journey. In time all that you desire, beloved souls, all these gifts that you worked so diligently towards will be granted and will manifest in wondrous ways.

Continue, beloveds, continue in the ways you know you are meant to express and be in this world. Utilize the Truths that you know. Consider what you know and express this in profound and in deep ways. Be God’s Channels of Love. Come to know His Will and you will truly be an expression of His Plan for the salvation of mankind in ways undreamed of at this time. It is up to you, as you well know. It is your choice. God bless you, beloved souls. I am Martin Luther. I continue to work with my charge and to include her in these efforts that you make at this time. God bless you. God bless you, beloved souls. My love is with you. God bless you.