Messages 2018

On Bringing The will of God Into This World

January 3rd, 2018

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike


It is Mark, the apostle, and I wish to comment upon your discussions and upon receiving guidance. Each of you have been inspired of late. Each of you have a different vision and ideas, concepts and desires. These things bubble up from your souls, for God casts many seeds of inspiration into this world, and some catch within yourselves and some come forward into your consciousness. Depending upon the progression of your soul and the willingness of your mind, a vision or an aspiration becomes clear, full of body and detail, colours, feelings and mindful understandings. All enlightened by the Light of God. So, as you become inspired in this way, in your own unique ways, an excitement rises up within you, an enthusiasm, a deep desire to fulfil God’s Will, to be in the flow of His Plan for the salvation of mankind. As your souls awaken so, these perceptions awaken. As these new-found faculties begin to grow within you and come to consciousness, you must learn to allow the wisdom of your soul to infuse these inspirations and ambitions, so that you may make them a real thing within your lives and your thoughts and deeds. For these things are not born complete, they are like a bud of a flower that reveals itself to you petal by petal until the glory of that creation becomes evident. In the recognition of this beautiful flower, you may see the universe of God’s Will. But still you must step forward in faith and wisdom to enact the Will of God in harmony and grace, in love and commitment.

It takes time for this beautiful inspiration to flower forth and find a physical form, something real within your universe and your world. What simply may come in Love, in blessings through you, is easily transferred into this world as your souls are willing, and the condition of your soul allows this to come through clearly. Yet more complex things, ideas, need time to grow and need time to find their expression within this world in a concrete and viable ways. So, much prayer is required, meditating upon these ideas, allowing the Will of God to find its purpose in this world through you and through others.

Each day that you are in prayer and you come closer to God, these drops of inspiration will rain upon you, many, many drops; this Light sparkling within your minds, bringing joy within your souls, giving images to your lives and purpose as you see the possibilities before you, as your perception of the world and the possibilities of this world evolve and change, as you grow in Love and your eyes are opened. For as each soul begins to awaken, there is a great excitement with these possibilities, a deep desire to fulfil the Will of God and to take on these requests from God. In this way you may make great effort to bring them to fruition as the eagerness of your souls find their expression in this world through love, through desire and through the opening of your soul’s faculties and the harmonization of your soul and your material mind. In this way these expressions may come easily and gracefully into the world as God births His Will through you into this world. But first you must be a clear channel, and strong, and wise, and step forward within the timing of His Will. Many things must come together in harmonious expression and completely. We do not recommend that you plunge forward in a reckless manner when given such guidance and inspiration. But to come to the core of the intent that God wishes for you, for within this is a warmth and a sustenance for the soul that will bring a maturity to your understanding, a knowing to your mind, and a flow to the events that are meant to take place within the Will of God.

Yes, it takes a certain maturity of the soul and allowing the mind to accept humbly the Will and Plan of God. It is easy for you, my beloveds, to jump forth with eagerness and excitement, believing that since this is the Will of God that all will unfold readily, quickly, and without struggle. But I say that interpreting the Will of God in this world requires great strength and wisdom, a certain amount of caution and forthrightness since there is always resistance to Light and there are always barriers to overcome. You have a saying that often it comes from blood, sweat and tears, and I say this is often the truth. For nothing is easily accomplished in this world of yours, unlike our world, where a mere thought can become a reality at the blink of an eye. For you, reality is hard won through great effort, often two steps forward and one back.

So I say to you, my beloved souls, who are filled with visions, enthused by the Will of God and the wonderment of the possibilities that His Love provides in your lives and your expressions and your service to God, that all will come in time, with perseverance, with clarity and vision, and with Love. Yet the outcomes may not be exactly as you see, but an adaptation to the conditions of this world. So your journey can be precarious at times, but rich and full in learning and expression as God carries you through any and all conditions. The power of His Love and Touch upon you, the assistance of His angels, the Light that He pours on each one of you, His protection, His comfort, His Love is always with you, my beloveds. In this, and with this, comes great strength. You will accomplish much in this world, so that those visions and inspirations will find its lodging within this world, thus bringing greater Light. Although they may not be expressed as you see at this moment, there will be a Light and an expression that will be blessed by God, and will be a blessing to you as you strive to bring this forth into the world. Do not forget that in this world everything requires effort and requires some energy and expression, not just of your thoughts, but of all of you in order to bring this forward in a substantial way. So you must be grounded within these possibilities, clear in what is possible, yet full of faith and trust that God will bring forth His Will in this world through you, in many different, creative and surprising ways.

You just begin to awaken, my beloveds, you just begin to awaken, awaken to your own selves, to the possibilities of your souls, the possibilities of your lives infused by the touch of God. Continue to keep this flame alive and brighter with each day and walk in this world in faith and trust, love and service. In ways that are small, even subtle, to look upon another, a smile, a touch - this is God’s service. Yet there are times when what you do is remarkable and powerful and seen by many. These are the possibilities of each day, and you build towards the fulfilment of God’s Plan for you and your unique lives. It comes step by step, prayer by prayer, inklings and awakenings of the soul and the mind. It all comes in this great and mighty flow of God’s Love that has enveloped you and carries you ever forward and closer to Him.

May you allow God to carry you, my beloveds, and keep you close to His bosom, keep you in the Light of His Love. All shall be well, my beloved, beautiful friends. You are Lights in the world and shall continue to be Lights in the world. You are beautiful of soul, your expressions come newly formed, innocent, and protected by the Hand of God. May you continue, beloved souls, upon this journey of awakening and service in Love. God bless you. I am Mark and I love you. Thank you for listening to me. And I will continue to help you on these journeys of awakening. God bless you. God bless you.