Messages 2019

Be Mindful of Your Heart’s Desires

June 28th, 2019

New Milton, England

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

It is so much easier to see the workings of the Creator in nature. I want to encourage you both to always know you can retreat in nature, whether you are in the city or the country, to find that quiet place to commune with God. You know that this possibility is always present to connect wherever you may be. But in nature, there is a calm and a peace and an obvious visibility of God’s work. I not only encourage you, in your travels, to pray and meditate in nature but to encourage others to join you. Should you find yourself in a busy place, then of course you just need to have your soul connect and God and the angels will bring this peace and calm to you.

There is a great longing for light and love and the peace that passes understanding, in so many souls, and most especially in this dear place where you found yourselves at the present moment. Please know that we will continue to be with you and guide you. Follow your heart’s desire. Gravitate towards where your heart is moving you. Should you find yourself in difficult situations, go to your heart. Connect with your soul.

God is watching over you and we will be with you, as you know. On this day of transition, we will be with you in your travels, dear sister. We will be delighted to be with you as the doors open, not only to the vehicles that you will be transported in, but as the doors open to the hearts around you. Your light and love will touch them.

You, dear brother, we will be with you on your walk today. We ask you to be mindful of your heart’s desires. Wherever you shall choose to go, if it feels right in your heart or even if you feel that it is a place that needs your heart and your soul, we would encourage you to go. Take time out. Reflect on these things. Pray on them. We will not let you down. Father is protecting you.

In the Garden of God’s Love, may you continue to bloom like the roses, like the lotus, like the lights that you are. May God bless you. I promise you my love and protection. I am your brother in the Celestial Heavens, Francis, and I love you.