Messages 2020

The Path of the Heart

November 30th, 2020

Punaluu, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Yogananda, and I come in the love of God. This love that permeates the Universe and is yours for the longing and transforms each soul. This love that brought you all together in this circle of prayer, this love that the Creator showers upon us when we come with open hearts and the sincere longings of our souls, this love, is of the highest vibration.

If you were to speak it, it would be as if a beam of light shining upon the darkness. This vibration that singers reach for, to touch the heart, to awaken the soul, is the vibration of love. It is simple. Let it embrace your entire being. Allow this love into your heart, the doorway to your soul.

There are many words in the world. There are many teachings. You have been gifted with the truths of Divine Love and the True Gospel of the Master. If you were to pursue this path purely with your mind and absorb all the information you would find that the ascendancy of the soul over the mind would be the result in connecting to the Creator. The path of the heart that opens is a simple path. It does not require deep intellect or knowledge of everything in the Universe, but it does require an openness and a willingness to allow God to open your soul and fill your entire being with His Grace and the Love Divine.

Each one here is connected in the embrace of God, in the Song of Love.1 May the love of Our Creator change your soul, heal your heart and lift you up above this world that you may be a blessing to it. May your prayer for God’s love be your template in the world that you make speak from the love in your soul, that you may sing from the longing in your soul and the light in your heart. May your entire being be blessed and transformed.

Remember the Heavenly Father, Creator of all, loves you, each one His child. As you love your children, the Heavenly Father loves all His children with the love eternal. Do no worry, do not be troubled. Live this love with each other, with your families, with your friends, and yes, with your enemies too. As the Master advised ‘love those who consider themselves your enemies.’ Love all, bless all. You who have the glow of God’s love, each one of you in your soul, how wonderful! Thank you for taking my message. All my love and blessings to each. I am your brother in the love of God.

I am Yogananda. May God bless you!

Note 1 A reference to the Bhagavad Gita (The Song of God)