Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Seek ye First the Kingdom, and all Else will be Given to You

July 27th, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here, Luke. You can see from your studies today how a soul, even with a drop of love, can help another struggling soul, provided they allow of their free will to be helped - provided that their soul sends up the longing.

And so it is on earth, those of you with this Love of God in your souls, can lift up those who perhaps unknowingly are asking for this Love. And with your guidance and with your patience, they will come around to prayer. I would say it is important to remember that the mind is capable of believing many things, some in truth, others in error. The mind seems in fact, indefatigable in its thirst for knowledge, and those here that inhabit the higher natural spheres are ever seeking out more knowledge of the universe, of how things work, and at the highest level have a sense of universal consciousness and oneness, and this is to be distinguished from the very substance of the soul being at one with its Creator.

Those of us in the Celestial heavens, we too explore these things and delight in all creation. But our longings are in ascendancy over the material mind as the desires of our souls are the deep longings for Love, Divine Love. We do not experience the ebb and flow in the tides of natural love but surely, we can see them, just as we can see the condition of the soul reflected in the spirit body of each one.

Robert Lees is around guiding you in your readings and as you can understand he was given a great many truths, and therefore should you wish to disseminate his writings, he would be profoundly grateful to you as they are sanctioned in truth. So again, I remind you on behalf of all your guides, many who are with us as I speak, and the dear sister Care who wishes me to tell you she was so delighted to see her dear friend, the mother of her grandson, come into this circle however briefly today, and this one I am speaking through could feel her joy, and so I will express it for him. As Judas has been with him and wishes to continue, as does the lovely Claire who brings her brightness and grace and blessings, and many others. It is said over and over again by those of us here: “Seek ye first the kingdom, and all else will be given to you.”

You who have chosen this path, I ask you keep this in your souls, follow your heart’s desire for the Love of God and everyday will be a blessing, a miracle, on your journey in Divine Love, to the celestial realms, and the transformation of your souls. With all my love and blessings and in the Grace of God go in peace. I am Luke, God Bless you.