Messages 2014

Winds of change.

May 22nd, 2014


Medium: Al Fike


Dear sweet students, it is Augustine. Yes the winds of change are blowing within you my dear children. They blow within your hearts, they blow within your souls, they blow within your minds and you wonder - where is this wind taking me? What are these challenges from within? What is this road that you are being beckoned upon, and how may you respond to God’s call? And yes many of you feel that this is the start of new beginnings, another turn upon the road, another vista to survey. And I tell you follow your soul’s yearnings and follow God’s guiding hand, and yes you will turn that corner.

Those winds that blow within you are bringing healing and change, a shift in your awareness, an opening of your souls to greater love and understanding and truth and God will pour within my children you all that you require to walk upon this road, to take this journey, to have the strength, the faith and the love to venture forward into unknown territory. I say unknown because within your minds you do not know but truly you do know within your souls what is meant for you, the journey you are meant to take. And as your soul awakens, as your perceptions deepen and sharpen and clarify, this awareness will come to you and the surety of your next steps will come with ease, will come with joy, will come with deep knowing that these are the rights steps - what is meant.

Bless you upon your journeys, beloved, beloved souls, and we thank you for coming together as you have and making this effort of allowing parts of yourselves that feel distant and unloving and judgmental to fall away. For you all are brothers and sisters and you walk the Path Divine towards your Heavenly Father. And I tell you you will meet many souls upon this path, many souls who will give you love and you will give love. And many are curious and seeking and some are angry, judgmental but most are hungry for truth. And as you search for truth in your own way you will share this truth with others. Gather together my children, gather together in loving harmony and prayer - deep and earnest - and share your longings, share your thoughts, share your deepest soul’s desires with one another and carry on together in fellowship. For fellowship is a blessing, fellowship helps each of you to learn and to grow within your souls, within your consciousness and so you may learn to be loving channels for one another. May God bless you on your journey, may God’s loving hand be upon each one of you as you walk upon this path. Remember you are never alone, you are never unworthy of love, you are always loved and God is with you always and the angels surround you. You are blessed, you are blessed beyond measure. And you will find your way.

I give you my fond farewell as you take your road to God, I will accompany you as will many and as you make your journeys back home, remember our words. Take to heart our words and let them rest within your souls that you may journey forward with the comfort of knowing how truly loved you are, how truly blessed you are. Thank you my children for listening to us, for praying with us, for allowing love to be your touchstone, your truth, your source of all that is good and of light. God loves you my children, God loves you my children God loves you and will bless you for all eternity, blessed souls. Thank you. I love you.