Messages 2015

Divine Love is the path to heal the World

August 22nd, 2015

Received by: Al Fike

Gibsons, B.C.


God bless you, my beloved souls, it is Augustine, your teacher, and I promised you some commentary on the changes in the world and the changes within your souls, so I shall begin.

I will begin with your souls for all beginnings are with your soul. The soul is born into the world with many potentials, with the Gift of free will, with the natural love and many attributes that often are not activated, because of the human condition, that presses upon the soul and creates a stifling environment where the soul is encrusted and encased by these conditions and the experiences of the soul in the flesh.

You, my beloveds, have ventured forth to clear those encrustations, to rectify this situation of repression and negativity and, to some degree, darkness. And you have done so by following our instructions, our guidance to pray for God’s Divine Love. And many of you have done so for a good period of time and these prayers, these efforts modulate with the conditions that surround you. Your ability to concentrate on this effort, the earnestness that you feel within your souls and through this period you have made a journey, and this journey has brought you to this place together in harmony seeking ever more of the Father’s Love, seeking ever more the freedom and the release from these conditions which all humanity are entrapped within.

And you have had success. You have found the way to freedom and joy of being with your Heavenly Father in a way that is often, far too often, foreign to so many. And you’ve prayed to come together and you have prayed together and in this you have found more – more blessings, more freedom and this has shifted your souls, shifted your consciousness because I tell you, my students, the power of group prayer is awesome in its nature. For when you align yourselves with one another with a singleness of purpose to receive the Father’s Love into your souls you bring a mighty power into your midst, a response from your Heavenly Father that touches all the souls who are present, and this has happened my beloveds, this has happened.

And along with this blessing of Divine Love you have received other blessings, other Gifts that will ignite the potentials of your soul and will open the faculties of your soul so that you may more readily operate from that place of soul consciousness. The power of Divine Love brings many Gifts and the Father is able to imbue you with certain blessings that do indeed open you in this way. And as these things within you blossom and grow, so your mind is influenced and changed by the activities of your soul. And the mind of the soul becomes more predominant, it informs the material mind. Great inspiration comes in this way through your soul and the mind of your soul. And we, who surround you, come to inspire you, to bring our influence, to help you understand, to help you understand how God’s creation functions, how your soul functions, what it is that causes this great awakening which is the simple blessing of the Father’s Essence settling deep within you, pushing forth into every aspect of your souls, releasing these encrustations, freeing you and bringing you consciously in touch with these parts of yourselves, so foreign, hidden, inaccessible without this blessing and the power of this blessing.

So I tell you my brothers and sisters, beautiful children all in the care of God’s Love, you have raised yourselves another step, you have come a little closer to your Heavenly Father. And this, my beloveds, is an endless journey towards at-onement and every step you take is empowered by Love, every opening that happens within you is a result of receiving the Divine Essence within your souls. And this is the Path Divine, the Path that you have chosen, the Path that brings you back again and again to the fountainhead of Love. And in this, in your prayers, you are enveloped, and healed, and made new, and reborn in Love.

Blessed, blessed souls there is no greater pursuit. There is no higher blessing than this and it is yours for the taking, for the asking, for the receiving of this Gift which the Father gives and asks nothing in return, but your continued solicitation of this precious Gift. The universe is bountiful, it is filled with Love. No soul need to be deprived of Love, but each soul is required to be open to this Gift, to ask in their yearnings and longings. And many do receive this Gift but do not know what it is. And for you, my beloveds, to know it, to know how to receive it, and to receive it in abundance, you carry a key for so many others who are seeking, whose souls long for this. You are given this opportunity and responsibility to give to the many souls around you this key. And this key is not necessarily given in words, it is given in your presence, glowing in the Love, touching another soul. And a time comes when each soul rises forth within that being and asks that question, “Where does this Love come, how may I receive this Love?” This question may not be as direct as this, but still they are drawn to you and often not knowing why, but their souls know, their souls draw them to you and you must respond and give Love, give Love. For it is in Love that all the questions are answered and deep peace and joy spring forth from Love.

So my precious, beautiful students, continue to walk this Path and recognize when God opens a door for you to give Love. This is not a rare thing but all too common within your lives. It happens in many ways and it is a Gift to you to serve others in this way. It is a deep Gift, a Gift that opens a greater inflowing of the Father’s Love within your soul. For as you give Love you receive Love. As you give Love you are more attuned to Love and this elicits a great longing within your soul.

The world will be changed by one soul touching another as that soul is used by God as a channel of Love in the world. Every time we touch another soul in this way you are changing the world. And the world hungers. The world is in deep deprivation. So little Love in this world, yet so much Love in the universe of God’s world. God desires for all to be loved, to know that they are loved and to receive His blessings of Love. This is meant for all and freely given for those who seek it. Walk in this world as a shining example of Love. Bring this Love wherever you go. Let this Love inform every part of your being. Be that child of God that you are meant to be, that you truly are. Do not hide; do not hide your Light but shine forth in the world giving through your own Gifts and abilities to bring comfort and Light and truth and beauty to the world. Each of you have great gifts, wondrous potentials, which require you to truly believe that they exist, that you have these beautiful gifts within you to acknowledge them, to live in the flow of these gifts, to nurture them and bring them forth. For each gift is unique and beautiful. And together they form your true selves. And the expression of these gifts are the expression of who you truly are, and in this way you will truly feel whole and loved and purposeful in the world.

And we in spirit have dedicated ourselves to support you in this, to inspire you, to love you and to pray over you so that you may walk in this way, in Light, and touch other souls who will, in turn, touch other souls until the whole world has changed and made anew in the Light of God’s Love.

This world of yours, my beloveds, it bends and groans under the burden of the conditions that mankind has set upon it. It has brought a great imbalance, it is a world that is, that has terrible, difficult and destructive conditions within it. Your world is ill and it needs healing, it needs Love, it needs to be acknowledged and respected for it is your home. This is where you all live and breathe. This is how you are sustained in your bodies through what this world gives, this beautiful world that is a creation of your Creator and loved by your Creator.

And as mankind blindly carries on in their greed and their unloving perspectives and their desire for power and control to bring wealth, to bring everything that gratifies their material beings, the appetites and desires of their flesh, this hurts your world. This brings pain to all, you all bring pain to one another in these conditions and this mindful attitude which is born from fear and error and lack of love. For a soul filled with Love would not conduct themselves in this way, this is incompatible with Love. And you, my beloveds, must teach the way of Love and must learn each day the way of Love so that you truly give, you may truly show others, through your example, the road to take to bring more life to this world rather than take life away from this world. It is possible, for many of you it seems a deep and terrible dilemma and I know you anguish over this. You see the destruction, every soul feels the distress of this world, but so few truly understand it or acknowledge this reality.

It is time, my beloveds, for great change to take place. The world will make its attempts to shake off humanity’s terrible burden upon it and this will manifest in many different ways. As the ground shakes and the seas rise and the climate brings terrible destruction and inequities within this world that has been nurtured by the rains and the sun and the wind, in these things will come to extremes and cause destruction in your world washing away, washing away much of what mankind has done, making conditions difficult for all of you, my beloveds. It is in your faith, in your closeness to God that you will know how to cope with these changing conditions which will intensify and come to a head and will cause all of you to live differently in this world. It must be so. It is not God’s Will that you suffer, but in God’s creation, His orderly laws of creation, where there is an action there must be a response. This is a law of the universe and these responses are in relation to the actions.

So, I wish for you, my beloveds, to contemplate how it is you will make changes in your lives in this world to bring greater harmony. Prayer is the most powerful tool you have. Your free will is always operating. You have choices to make and Love; Love will heal all and inform you as to how you will be in this world, what you will do in this world. And as you follow your Father’s guidance there is much for you to do within your personal lives and within the world as a whole. Your countries, the many countries in this world must come to the realization that they cannot continue to function in this way, it cannot be sustained. And this is well known amongst your scientists and they cry out and say stop. But the momentum and power of those in power and who have great wealth resist. They are fearful, they want to retain what they have built. But I tell you, this is not possible, God will not let the world go to rack and ruin. God wants this world to be a place that nurtures and sustains all life. And if it requires drastic responses then so be it. Mankind’s will must be subjugated and the Will of God must prevail.

We are in serious times, my beloveds, great upheavals are coming. You feel it, you feel what is just over the horizon, it is coming and you must prepare yourselves spiritually within yourselves. Become strong in your souls and your connection with your Heavenly Father who will guide you through what is to come. And when the changes are complete this world will be at peace. And those who are upon this world will see this world from a different light, will look upon one another in Love, will make the changes that are required for humanity to flourish in balance with this world.

You must all pray for your world, for all your brothers and sisters for they will need you, they will need you and you will need to be strong. And what is important to you today surely will not be so in these times. What will be important are relationships of love, your relationship with your Heavenly Father and His care for you which will bring protection and what you require to live in this world. God is the source of all things, my beloveds. Rely upon the resource that is the Creator providing, loving, guiding, caring for all. And if you are able to do this, preparing for yourselves for what is coming, you will be safe and you will be able to save many others in the times to come.

I say these things not to frighten you, my beloveds, but to tell you that God wants all of His children to live in a world that is beautiful and in balance. It is meant to be and you, my beloveds, will live in that world, will flourish and know with a deep wisdom what you must do as your souls inform your minds and God informs your soul. It is simple, yet, so very illusive for so many. But you, my beloveds, have the key, you have the gifts, you have the abilities. You will exercise all that you are in this beautiful Light and find fulfilment and deep purpose in this way. Truly being who you were created to be and living how you are meant to live. Changes are coming, but change is good. Change brings healing and different opportunities and shifts in thinking and doing. Change is good. Do not avoid the change but embrace it in love knowing that this is God’s healing for the world. This is going to bring Light to your children and their children down through the generations of children. A great healing and beautiful balance in this world. And all the creatures that are hiding and are not thriving will find their place in this world once again and they will be loved. All of this world will be loved by all who dwell upon her. It is the Gift that will be given.

God bless you, my beloveds. God bless you and may God always keep you in His care and protection and Love. It will be given to every soul who desires this. God bless you, beloveds. Your teacher Augustine loves you. I love you so. God bless you.