Messages 2016

Be the Purveyors of Joy

April 12th, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Gibsons, B.C. Canada


I come to speak to you on the subject of joy. How important it is to feel joy in your lives, in your beings, in your souls, for joy is a marker. It tells you that all is right within you, that you are in harmony, that you are feeling the vitality, the rightness of God’s Touch within you, for with His Touch of Love comes that deep feeling within your soul of joy. It rises up and floods your being and brings a measure of happiness, of lightness, of excitement. It is in this joyful expression from within yourselves that others are drawn to, for many are burdened by the human condition and do not know this joy that wells up within. They feel the outward expression of Love through your joy and they are drawn to this Light. They seek to have this lightness of being, this recognition of the preciousness, the value, the wonderment that is your creation, your being, living your life in the Light of God’s presence. This is joy. It is that deep feeling of recognition and knowing that you are loved.

Express your joy, my beloveds. Express your joy in all that you do. Do not allow the negative conditions of this world to impede upon this great and wondrous feeling of joy. It is yours. It is God’s gift to you. It is your soul singing its praises to God and recognizing the many gifts that come in your life and the great gift that is your life and your being. Know joy, my beloveds, recognize it, feel it, express it. For with Love comes joy and with joy comes love. I know it is often difficult to see the conditions of this world and the suffering of others and all that is not right in this world, but you must overcome the sadness. You must turn your sadness to joy, for in this way God can use you in powerful ways. God can use the channel of your love and His Love in ways that will bring healing and comfort and joy to others. You must dance the dance of joy. You must express in fulness your love, your feelings of love for others that this flow of love and joy of Light and goodness may envelope all that you meet and all aspects of your life.

Of course there are times of sadness. There are times when your eyes find it difficult to see all the pain in this world. You must come to your Heavenly Father in these times and beseech Him to bring you joy that you may release your sense of sadness, that it may be replaced by joy. For life can indeed be a beautiful expression of joy, of laughter and Light, and to be an example of this, to express this powerfully, to be this joyful Light in the world brings much healing to others, and uplifts and enfolds others with this joyful Love, this wondrous Light, this sense of lightness and goodness and affirmation of love to God.

Beloved souls, you are purveyors of joy. You bring joy with your efforts to bring love and you bring truth with your efforts to bring joy. Continue upon this path of Light, this joyful reunion between you and your Heavenly Father, for this is pure joy. God rejoices in your efforts to be with Him and your soul rejoices in this embrace and this is meant for you, and for all, this loving embrace, this joyful communion, the wonderment that is life.

Walk the joyful path, my beloveds. Acknowledge how beautiful your life is, how wonderful you are, how incredibly, joyously beautiful is God’s presence in your life. Precious souls, I beseech you to be joyful, to know joy, to acknowledge joy, to express joy. It brings great Light and affirms that God loves you, and all. Feel it welling up within your souls. Feel that rising up, that sense of excitement, of recognition. It is within each one of you, your souls are in a perpetual state of joy because your souls have been touched by the fires of God’s Love igniting this joy within you and it shall increase exponentially as you come closer to God. It is your true soul’s expression and it is beautiful. Bless you, beloved souls. Bless you in the joy of God’s Love. I am Andrew and I love you and feel great joy in my love for you. Beloved souls, God bless you.