Messages 2016

Confucius welcomes the flock

November 27th, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Hawaii, United States of America

This is Confucius.

My little birds you have flocked together once more and how we rejoice when this comes to be. When you come to pray together and come to form a great channel of love, a portal of light to this world.

Do not fret, my beloveds, over the details of how this will be accomplished and who will be involved, my beloveds, God is involved, God will accomplish this task. All that we require of you is for you to come together in harmony and prayer and all will enfold in beautiful harmony, beloved souls. Seek for the highest, walk in this great flow of God’s Love and all will unfold in beautiful, loving harmony.

You are all loved and all required in this task and you have answered a call and you are here. Rejoice, beloveds, rejoice that God has called you together and brought you to this beautiful place. Each will learn something through this experience. There will be shifts within your souls, greater awareness, and those things that are barriers to you will fall and a new joy will awaken within you, beloved souls.

As you gather those close together, who desire to join you in prayer, in laughter, in love, you begin the task before you and God touches you deeply within your souls, beloveds. Your souls feel the joy of this, allow the joy to enfold you and become the light that is true to you.

God bless you. Confucius loves you beloved souls.