Messages 2016

Consider Your Progress

October 24th, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

It is Confucius. Oh, how you struggle with the human condition, the great challenges that you face in this world. Each one surmounting those conditions and barriers in your life in order to be in harmony and in the flow of God’s Love. My beloved children, each one of you here is blessed by God and has an angel with you as you surmount the obstacles in your path and place your intentions and prayers to God, that He may open your souls to the inflowing of His Divine Essence, that mighty Love that gives you the strength and the insights, the power, and the joy so that you may live your life in greater harmony, that you may live your life within the flow of His Love.

Beloved souls, walk in the Light with each day; mark your progress, beloveds. If you look back upon your life and see how your perceptions have changed your behaviour, your capacity to love. And, yes, these things are often subtle and gradual, but much has changed within each one of you, beloved souls who have walked this Path for a time and much continues to percolate and to evolve within you. As you forge forward, each time that you surmount a barrier, that you overcome a fear, that you change your attitude to one that is more loving and forgiving you express the change that is happening within your souls. You allow your souls greater expression in your lives.

As your minds acquiesce to the will of your soul, the Light within your soul and as your soul becomes more in alignment with God’s Will and influence and Love you gain the world, my beloveds, as you claim your soul and as your soul is claimed by God. For much that is in the world that attempts to influence and control you, becomes impotent as you gain within yourself a strength and maturity, a depth of perception, a capacity to love yourself and to love others. So, you gain a place in this world that is a place of Light and strength. You walk in this Light. You express the wisdom, perceptions that come from your souls and you carry a Light, a Light that can be used by God to assist many souls who are suffering, who hunger for Love, who are lost and searching and so as you shed your cloaks of error and don your cloak of Light you become a clear and effective channel in which God may use you in this world as a channel of Love.

Consider your progress, my beloveds, even those of you who have just stepped upon this Path, consider your progress, what has brought you to this place at this time and acknowledge that the true desires of your soul have brought you to a place of Light, has opened the door to a great flow of enlightenment, a vast awareness, a true opening that will bring to you great joy and knowledge and peace and strength, humility and grace.

Is this not what all of humanity seeks? Within their souls they long for this but so many turn away, so many do not understand how this is achieved and you, my beloveds, have found the way, have found an opening, a dawning, an awakening within you. You must teach this by your example. You must bring inspiration to others through your love, through the words you speak, the actions you take, the demeanour of your being to walk in Light and Love, my beloveds, to walk in Light and Love close to God, for this is how you will be agents of change in this world, bring healing and Truth to this world. As you gain within yourselves great Light and awakening, so you will express this as you move in the world, as you become that clear channel, as you overcome those obstacles before you, as you keep yourself within this Light, feet firmly implanted upon this Path of Light.

All of these blessings, my beloveds, are not just meant for you alone but for all who come upon your path in life. Be generous of spirit. Do not judge. Give love. Be love. Let the Love flow through you, that great river of grace that will comfort all you touch, wherever you are. God bless you, beloveds. I am Confucius and I love you. God bless you, beloved souls.