Messages 2016

Continue on This Path

June 6th, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Gibsons, B.C. Canada


I am John, John the Beloved, and I have been drawn here because each of you have made an earnest prayer to receive Love. Your longings rise up from your souls to the Creator and though you come from many different places, many different cultures, many different ideas of what spirituality is, you each have a soul that resonates with this Truth. You each long from that place deep within you to have your souls filled with Light, to be an expression of Light, to walk in this world as a Light in service and love to others.

Yes, each of you longs for this and each of you does this in your own way. You walk your path, unique and that which is best suited for you and yet, through your wanderings upon this world God has brought you together in this place, at this time. He wants you to share in this feast of Love which He will give you as you open to this Gift. And as you say from a place true and pure “Father, fill my soul with Your Love, that Essence which You are, which You wish to give and place within my soul, a reflection of You, that in so doing you may change me and make me into a child truly claimed by You. That I may be at one with You in that flow of Your great Love, walk upon that Path which You Light for me, that Path which is Your desire and Your Will for me and that I may in turn serve you as a channel of Your Love. That I might touch others as You place Your great Light within me, Your wondrous touch upon me, that others may too feel this and know this and be enveloped by Your gracious Arms of Love.”

And at this moment, my beloveds this Love pours upon you and pours through you and reaches out to many in this world, for you create a powerful channel of Love for others, for those you love, and for those who are in need who are connected to you and to many more you do not know but are nonetheless touched by this Light that you bring in this world through your prayers. Continue in this longing and know that this Gift of Love is a key that shall open many doors of understanding, of change within and change all around. For the world is in great need of this Gift, of the effects of a palpable presence of God in this world, through His Love pouring, touching changing, healing all those in this world. And you have come to acknowledge this, to acknowledge the deep longing within you, the beautiful Light that you carry and the desire to be in that Light always, in this flow, forever and a channel, an instrument that shall bring peace and change and Love in this world.

May you all find what your deep soul longings long for and already know. May this acknowledgement come into your minds and consciousness so that you may set upon this Path, not distracted, not wandering, not blinded, but with your eyes wide open and your heart singing in praise of life, in praise of your Creator, in praise of what God has created within you. Beloved souls, carry on upon this Path and much will be given and many will be given to through you by your channel of Love. God bless you, I am John the Beloved and I love you. God bless you.