Messages 2016

Divine Love will change the world, starting with you

September 10th, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Belgrade, Serbia


I am Augustine, I was once Bishop of Hippo when I walked this Earth and I am responsible for establishing many of the tenets of your churches. Unfortunately, this does not give me a great deal of satisfaction, for much of what I established and the teachings of the church was incorrect and when I ventured into spirit I realized my great error and now I come back to all of the souls in this world who are willing to listen to teach the truth, the simple truth.

So many wish to complicate the truth, to control it, to have great power, the power to disseminate God’s Will to mankind. This is such folly and error. Every soul in this world has the capacity to know God. Every soul in this world can know great love, can understand great truth, for truth is not complicated, beloved souls. When a soul is awakened and able to perceive these truths, these wonderful lessons from God, it becomes simple, your lives become simple, your motivations, and goals, and ambitions, become simple. For when a life is centred on Love, when a life is open to God and comes to know God’s Will, which is for each individual, each beautiful soul can be guided by God. When you are able to believe and turn that belief into faith and turn that faith into action your lives will change irrevocably. You will be a child of God, you will know the joy of this relationship, you will come to understand the power, the transformative power, of God’s Love. For this essence of God, which comes from his soul and is conveyed by the Holy Spirit into your soul becomes active within you. Many changes ensue, much within you is cleansed, healed, changed so that this Love may live within you for all eternity.

When the Master Jesus taught of redemption this is what he spoke of, it is the transformative blessing of the Father’s Love, it is the Divine Essence coming from the Creator, it is the Holy Touch that awakens the soul. Every child is worthy of this Touch, from the very lowest to the highest, every child in this world and in the next is worthy of this Love.

It is but a decision and a desire to receive this. God gives you the choice. God allows you to turn away if you wish or turn towards this Light. It is your responsibility and your choice which way you wish to go, for God gave you free will, He gave you the blessing of a life, He gave you a soul and it is your soul that will know God, it is your soul that will receive this great benediction, it is your soul that will be transformed and enlightened and expanded by this mighty Touch, this Grace from God, and in this a great awakening ensues a wondrous opening to a world so different from that which the mind perceives. It is a world that only the soul perceives and in this world are wonders, wonders to behold, great awakenings of perception, gifts that lay within the soul dormant will be awakened. You will come to know your true selves, you will come to see what is meant to be in your life, in all life.

God has much to give to every soul who is willing to be saved, and this blessing of Divine Love is unlimited. It goes on for all eternity. So, beautiful souls, it is a choice, it rests with you and your choice, it rests with your efforts to be open, to pray to God whenever you are able and ask to be blessed in this way and if you so desire this. If you so choose this you will change your life. This is inevitable, for a soul touched by God in this way is never the same, it changes, it opens, it desires more and more and it shall receive with each prayer, and each longing. Within this great blessing you will be relieved of your burdens, your fears and the great cares of your life. You will be freed from all that besets you now and burdens you.

There is a great ocean of Love which you may bathe within if you but remove your cloak and your armor and come to God as a child filled with longing to be home with your Heavenly Father in this great and beautiful Truth. I am Augustine and I am happy to be with you, to pray with you, to tell you this wonderful story that is true, powerful, transformative. I hope that within your souls you listen, hear my words, understand the power of these Truths of which I speak.

It is important that your world start to change, to turn towards Love, to be brave enough, to release the error, the anger, the judgements, the fear and walk in love. What else, I ask you, what else will change this world? It is love. It is love. Love yourselves, love each other, love your brothers and your sisters, and see the world in this way. There is far too much bitterness and hatred and misunderstanding. It is time to cure the problems of this world by going to God, seeking Truth from the source, and applying this to your lives, and allowing His Love to transform you from within. Beloved souls, be at peace and know that God is with you now, in these moments. Open your souls, feel your longing to know God, to be with God, to know this Love. God bless you, beloved souls, I am Augustine and I love you.