Messages 2016

Drawing many kindred spirits to you

November 27th, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Hawaii, United States of America

It is your teacher Augustine.

Yes, you will come to meet many kindred spirits. Those whose souls are open to the love, awakened in their actions, in the light. Though they may not share your perspective, your clear understanding of the mechanisms of Divine Love, nonetheless they are in the light and know the light, and are drawn to the light. And you are all drawn together into this light, this beckoning calm, this clearing calm, to be together as brothers and sisters, in loving harmony, in beautiful soulful acknowledgement of one another.

Beloved souls, this experience will happen again and again for each one of you as you travel this world and connect with many kindred spirits in this light. Drawn together by the law of attraction, by God’s Guidance and Will. You will be drawn together and there will be deep within you and deep within the others an acknowledgement of this common spiritual light and love.

And what is it that makes you, my beloveds, a powerful channel of God’s love? It is because you have a clear understanding of this truth and you acknowledge the power of this wondrous gift of Love and you have a deep desire to share this Love with others. With these motivations and inner soul conditions you create within yourselves a powerful condition of love and a channel of love and this you must nurture each and every day and you must look forward and see the opportunities that lay before you.

Receive the guidance that is waiting to be given to you so that you may continue to serve God as His messenger of this precious and beloved truth, whose power has the capability to change the world. You see, my beloveds, you have a great responsibility, a powerful opportunity, a blessed gift of service to spread this truth of God’s Love wherever you go and this is done not just in words but in a smile, a look, a gaze of love, a touch, an embrace and to be with others who hunger and are eager for the blessing of this Love and to connect in many different ways. You bring the bell toll of truth and this bell is heard within the souls whom you are with and excites a desire and brings an opening door.

And you, my beloveds, must simply be in harmony with God and attuned to His Love, a channel thereof, so that you may complete the connection between God and the soul whom you gaze upon. And in this will come the fulfillment of your purpose and the unfoldment of your beautiful, shining soul in all its glory, all its potential, all its beauty.

Yes, my beloveds, seek ye God’s Love, the Kingdom, and all shall come unto you and in this way, many will come to you seeking, as you place before them pearls beyond price, the truth of God’s Love. Beloved souls, continue in your great efforts, your prayers, your desire, your travels, your gatherings with others, Circles of Light, Circles of Truth, Circles of Love.

Yes, my beloveds, we will continue on this journey. We will take you to many places and show you many things and connect with you many souls, eager to know the truth. What a glorious journey this is, what a wondrous adventure it shall become as you lay down your resistance and completely embrace the Will of God. Beloveds, continue in these great efforts, always express your love, do so in many different ways, do not judge, do not resist, enfold, embrace, accept, and love. This is how God can use you my beloveds and it shall be so as you continue upon this path.

God bless you, God bless you.