Messages 2016

How to be a fearless Channel of Love in the World

May 12th, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Abbotsford, B.C. Canada


I am pleased with what you have discussed and commented upon as you have the right attitudes, my beloved students, a balanced perspective. For you see that in order to be a channel of Love in the world you must be in the world and be that channel wherever you are and whatever you do. You must be able to move amongst mankind and also to be guided in your movements, at times, so that you may touch another soul in accordance to God’s Will and in the way that God guides you to do so. And in order to do so you must hone your gifts, be receptive to this guidance and to allow God to work through you with ease and effectiveness. And all of these things are accomplished through the growing of your souls, through the enlivening of your gifts and the development of your gifts, which are soul attributes unique to you.

And as with all things, this growth, the effectiveness of your instrumentality in the world, your gifts, grows incrementally, develops in time and develops with experience. So I advise you, my students, to not pass up an opportunity to be a channel of Love in the world, and if you see something as too difficult, I would suggest that you put aside your fears and step up and experience whatever it is that God has placed before you in terms of an opportunity to serve Him. And with this experience, with allowing God to open a door for you without your judgement or your fear and your biases but with a willing heart and a strength of love, you will accomplish what God sets for you to do in loving and beautiful ways. You will surprise yourselves. You will see aspects of yourselves which you did not see before.

Yes, it requires strength and faith, trust in God’s Will, allowing yourself to flow into a situation, a circumstance, an opportunity guided by God, knowing that your footfalls are guided and intended. Indeed it is a cooperation between yourselves and God which will accomplish much. God created within you many potentials. Lying within your being there are many Gifts and as you grow in Love, as you grow in experience, as the deep confidence grows within you, a faith, a knowing of fearlessness, of trust, you will be able to do almost anything that you set yourselves to do.

Yes, the possibilities are limitless, but this does not mean that everything you do in service to God must be of your own initiative. No, my beloveds, it must be a mutual agreement between you and God. This does not mean also that you cannot take initiatives, but it does require for you to bring it forth to your Heavenly Father and ask that this may be guided and blessed. And there are times when you will be in error and you will know this. And there are times when you have responded to an invitation from God that bubbles forth in your consciousness and comes to fruition in your mind and God can then use this open door that you have allowed within yourselves to elaborate and to flesh out what it is you must do. You will receive the help, the assistance, the guidance to do so.

When all is in harmony, every element falls into place. You are supported in every way. You will know that you are meant to do whatever the task is and you will not hesitate but feel a joy within you that this is a service in Love and a dedication to your Heavenly Father in Love. And as you continue on this Path serving God in this way, each step you take reinforcing this loving flow, each opportunity you grasp and experience the Love that abounds there, the connections that are made, the bonds that are forged, the truth that is told, the Love that is expressed, the healing that flows, the Light that abounds, the angels which surround, you will feel more confident with the next step and on it will go until your life will be a flow of this service in powerful ways and you will see yourselves doing things you have never imagined.

Incrementally, beloved souls. With each step, with your trust in God’s guidance, with your ability to hear and do and see and love and express your true selves, service will unfold in wondrous ways carried by the flow of God’s Love, blessed by His Hand, informed by His Will. Is this not wondrous? Do you not feel the excitement within your souls to serve in this way, to allow God to use you as His channels of Love and instruments of change in this world? Is this not the most fulfilling thing you can do in your life? Yes, my students, much awaits you. Much awaits and all that is required is for you to say “Yes, I will serve you, dear Father, in whatever way is Your Will and Intention for me, I will do so in love, I will do so in dedication and my love toward you and I will do so because I love my brothers and sisters and want to bring truth and comfort, healing and Love to them, and as you use me in this flow I am fulfilling my destiny as your child and instrument.”

We all work together, beloveds, and this partnership will intensify as the years progress and as your souls awaken. Much awaits. God bless you, beloved souls. I am Augustine and I love you, ever by your side, ever eager for your deeper commitment and the growing of your souls in Love. God bless you precious and beloved souls. I love you. God bless you.