Messages 2016

On Service to God

March 18th, 2016

Selah, W.A., U.S.A.

Received by Al Fike.

God bless you, beloved souls, it is John, John the Beloved, and I come to encourage you to serve God, to serve God with each day, to be His instruments and channels of Love with each day that passes. And service comes in many ways and many forms. God uses you in ways that you do not even know, but your soul knows. Your soul which resonates with the Touch of God’s Love and that deep connection that you have with your Heavenly Father makes many things possible, my beloveds, it makes many things possible.

And you should never think that you are useless or that you do not serve God, or that you are in some way inadequate, for this is not true. You are always a child of God and in accordance to your soul’s progression you become a servant of God in powerful ways. And that service may be overt in a conscious, loving way, or it may be very subtle as God uses you to touch others, to touch their souls.

It is not important that you have the knowledge of all the ways that God uses you as His servant, it is only that you rejoice in love and gratitude that you are His servant, you are a child of God in a deep and profound way. You and God are bonded for all eternity, my beloveds. And you shall continue to serve Him in ever greater, deeper and more wondrous ways as you become closer to Him, as your soul resonates more deeply and fully with His Love and His Will.

Do not judge yourselves or others, determining who is the greater servant, the holier one, the one who is given a special purpose. No, my children, each of you serve God in many, many ways that are precious to God, are precious to we in the Celestial Heavens, and it is our blessing and joy to assist you in your service. For this is our service and that chain of Love expressed in the world is a very long chain indeed where many are blessed in this service of Love.

And when you truly serve God in humility and grace, you feel the grace of God’s Touch in everything you do and joy abounds, peace and harmony. And as you become a greater channel of His Love, as that channel becomes clearer and more powerful you will find intense responses to your presence. Many events around you will unfold in powerful ways and many will be drawn to you and you will live the Truth with every breath, every thought, every part of you will feel the joy of this grace. And you work towards this, my beloveds. You are diligent. You desire with a fervency to be God’s servant, to be this channel of Love, and as your faith increases with the inflow of the Divine Essence, all will become clear, all will come in harmony, and there will be a deep joy and freedom, a wondrous journey, even more wondrous than what you have experienced up till now, more wondrous, with greater, far greater effects; that unfolding of God’s plan for you, my beloveds.

Do you not see how God has guided you thus far, the many things that have happened in your lives, unfolding events, surprising, beautiful and powerful? This will continue and be amplified and you will be compelled to act, to serve in ways unanticipated and the events that will unfold and guide you upon that path will be unanticipated, the souls that will join you in your work unanticipated – all a surprise, a blessing. And you, my children, must walk this path with openness and innocence and deep faith and trust that God will guide you in accordance to His Will and open those avenues of service that will bring about great change in this world.

For every soul aligned with God’s Will has within itself a great potential to bring change and Truth, and have those events of their lives reverberate in this world and have the potential to change history, to change the events of the future, to make, in this case as instruments of God, a great effect for healing and Love, harmony and peace. And you have chosen this, my beloveds. Each one of you has incarnated into this world for this purpose. You chose this. And you know that you are on the right path, that what you have chosen is unfolding in accordance with God’s Will. And you continue to release that wilful part of yourself and you continue to allow the knowing of the soul to eclipse the ideas of the mind. This is indeed what is meant to be, to be in harmony with God’s Will and to know God’s Will, to be truly aligned and joyfully accepting of this.

God bless you, my children, beautiful souls who are so willing, so desirous to be in God’s Grace, to enact His Will, to serve in the name of Truth and God, beloved and in harmony. Your prayers will be answered, my beloveds, they are each and every day and you serve God, you serve God. God bless you, I am John and I love you. God bless you, beloved souls.