Messages 2016

Put aside the Goals and Ambitions of your Mind

November 29th, 2016


Received by Al Fike.


It is Judas.

I was with you on your sojourn to the rocky point and I listened to your conversations. I was also with the women in their conversations and indeed you have many concerns and questions and desires to do the right thing in your lives, for God, and for the furtherance of your Divine Love family and movement. I applaud you for your concerns and your desires to move forward and to take hold of the yoke and the responsibility of leadership, of direction, to focus your desires in certain ways but I tell you that none of you can save the world, no, only God can save the world and none of you are responsible for another in regards to their choices and their path to God. No, they are responsible for themselves. But what you can do and what you must do is give love always, embrace always, and when another refuses your embrace say a prayer for them and move on.

Do not carry the burden of guilt, do not carry the assumption that you must heal all situations and bring harmony to all conditions. When you act as God’s instruments in the world you allow God to work through you, you put aside your biases and ambitions and thoughts of all kinds and say “Father I am here to be your channel of love, guide me, lead me through and help me to be someone who brings peace, brings love, brings truth wherever I may go” and when you do this to the best of your ability, when you give over to God’s Will, when you focus on love then you are in harmony with God, there is no question of this.

When you seek to remove yourselves, to cause distance, to judge, to withhold love, to fabricate within your minds reasons and explanations for these behaviours then you reinforce the human condition within yourselves and you turn away from God. Your challenge is to let go of your fears, your anxieties, your mental conditionings, your lack of desire to love.

Each of you are challenged in one particular way in this regard. Not that you are like this at all times, on the contrary, many times you express love in beautiful ways but there are conditions and individuals and circumstances which cause you concern and you in your defensiveness to try to ease your way through life, you turn away from the challenge to love, and this is common in this world, all too common.

But if you are to be an instrument of God’s Will, an example of His Love, if you are to bring love, to allow love, to embrace love then you must be conscious of those times when you are challenged and make a choice to face those challenges head on. And if you are frightened or worried and concerned, ask God for His assistance, ask to be guided. If you are worried as to what you will say, ask God to put the words into your mouth. If you are afraid someone will hurt you or offend you, ask God for His cloak of protection to protect you. God will provide you with the means to deal with any and all circumstances but you must have faith that this will be so, and you must be strong and sure in this faith, in your love.

You cannot turn away forever from these circumstances and conditions in life because they are all too common and you will face them wherever you go, my beloveds, and once you face them you become stronger, and once you overcome them you will have more confidence, an ability to see the circumstance, the situation from a different perspective. You will allow with the perspective of your soul to see from the eyes of love, to not be so entrapped by the negative, to find freedom in love.

Beloved souls, you are all challenged for this is a challenging world but you have the key that will help you in all and every circumstance. My beloveds, utilize the truth that you know, bring into your heart a desire to be loving at all times, to be God’s instrument of peace at all times, to walk in light at all times, to be that channel of love at all times.

Yes, we ask much of you, my beloveds, but you ask much of God and God always responds in love, in His gracious care for each one of you and He desires for you to be that example and channel of love in the world so that others may benefit as you have benefited. That those lost souls who are challenging may be given a bit of comfort, some truth, some love.

Beloveds, we encourage you to reach to a higher place and plane and perspective. Your souls are eager to burst forth through every part of your being, every cell, every aspect of your personality, everything that you are. Your soul is eager to influence, to transform, to bring into harmony all of you and in every aspect of your lives, in every moment. That this glorious Love may illuminate your world, all that is of your world and wherever you go in God’s Creation.

Yes, much awaits. Continue to pray for the Father’s love, that key to all and rely on your Heavenly Father to bring you wisdom, to heal you from your fears and errors and those hurts that lay deep within you, and to give you the strength to move forward in love, gentleness, humility, and strength.

God bless you and thank you for allowing me to speak to you for I do not speak often and I wish to speak more often to my brothers and sisters in this world whom I have a deep bond and love for and desire to support each one of you in your efforts to grow in the Love and to be God’s channels of love in the world. Ask for my assistance and I will come to you and help you in whatever way I can in love, in light, in truth.

God bless you, God bless you my friends and may God every guide you on your path to atonement and glorious, wondrous, joy. God bless you. 