Messages 2016

Seek truth within your own soul

December 28th, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

West Vancouver, B.C. Canada


It is your friend Alec. Many of you have been so faithful over the years in coming together consistently with the highest of intentions, seeking the Father’s Love, working together, loving and supporting one another. What a powerful testimony you make, my dear friends, in your efforts to continue to bring this Light of God’s Love into your midst, into your lives, and developing a channel of His Love through you.

And for some, you will continue to travel and bring this Truth to others. For each of you, each of you in this circle, you will carry the Truth with each day of your life for it burns within you. It brings its effects wherever you go, my beloveds. Remember this, that you carry this Truth within you, it is a burning Light. It is the power of this beloved and beautiful essence of God that not only influences you, my beloveds, but influences the environment all around you where God can use this Light. The angels can accompany you in this Light and many works can be accomplished. Many seeds are sown. Many souls are touched and often you are not aware.

My beloveds, changes are coming. Changes are very near and you must be strong in God’s Love, in your faith, in what you do in your life and the choices you make. You cannot now walk through your life blinded, selecting truth and ignoring other truths. Keeping an eye on God is essential but also being aware of what is happening around you is also important. Be sensitive to God’s guidance to you. Walk this Path Divine in a conscious, dedicated way and God will indeed guide you with each day and show you what must be done. This will be done in ways that are suitable to each one of you in accordance with your gifts and abilities. For some, it may be a thought that arises in your mind, a feeling to do something. Listen to these feelings and thoughts. Be aware that God is trying to get through to your conscious self and is helping you along the way. And for others, you may have detailed visions, powerful understandings, strong impressions. To each his own gifts and abilities that move in accordance with the Will and Love of God.

Yes, it is time for all of you to awaken, to use your gifts, to be aware and to not take for granted the power of your own souls and the connection that you have with your Creator. For you will need these attributes and abilities in the times to come and as you exercise the use of your gifts, as you become more attuned, then you will be more clear and proficient as you move in the world and, of course, do not forget, the great activator within your soul is the Love of God. Continue to pray intensely for this Love, this blessing and things will shift and change. You will see the world differently. You will come to know yourselves in a different way. You will come to see God in a different way and your angel friends will gather around you, supporting you, being with you in a conscious way. Much will happen in the coming year, my beloveds, both internally and externally.

Remember to test the truth. Do not be sidetracked with what another may wish to give to you in the way of guidance or explanation. Remember to go to God to receive your own validations and understandings of what is happening in the world. There will be many speculations, assumptions and explanations and much of this will come from the minds of individuals. And you are often vulnerable to strong personalities who have great convictions as to what is truth. My beloveds, only you can discern the truth through your prayers and awareness, through your connection with God and what God gives you in the way of understanding and perception. Yes, it is easier to listen to another, to adopt the perceptions and thoughts of another and it is your challenge, my beloveds, to go to God individually and to find these truths, these awarenesses, your guidance, your own true understanding as the Light of God’s Love awakens these things within you.

And it is good to come together in this way to receive some guidance, some encouragement but each and every day I would implore you to be with God in this way, to be open, to listen, to be sensitive, to be attuned and you will receive much my friends. You will receive a great deal. It will surprise you. For God has much to give to each one of you and as you exercise these faculties of the soul they become stronger and clearer and you are able then to receive precise and important information that will help you upon your journey to God.

Listen to the promptings of your souls. Open your eyes. Allow God to infuse into you His Truth, His Love, His Light and you cannot go wrong when you are attuned in this way, knowing God in this way. And for you to navigate the changes that are coming and the life that is coming for each one of you, which will be different from the present, you must go within yourselves to that deep place of soul consciousness and find your way from this profound understanding and great strength and strong faith and in this way you will be able to lead others, to support others, to love others, for you will be a rock. You will be steady in the storms to come.

Blessings to you, beloved souls, your friend Alec is always by your side and I always will be, my most precious and beloved friends, family, brothers and sisters all. I will be with you, eager to help, as will many angels whom God has assigned to your care and keeping, guidance and protection. So much is given. And you will be in the Light always and always choose the Light. Always be in the Light. God bless you, beloveds. Alec loves you. God bless you.