Messages 2016

Stand up for truth

December 9th, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.


Yes, your circle is very large indeed. You have brought in many souls who are on this earth plane to the circle and many souls who are in spirit. Basking in this light all together, beloved souls and God is pouring his love within you, answering your prayers, bringing you to a place closer to his great soul.

There is a great deal of error in this world of yours, layers upon layers, and there is a great deal of pain in this world. Many, many suffer the pangs of feeling unloved. Many suffer from physical disharmonies and ailments. Many suffer the abuses which they put upon one another and all is predicated upon the error that they see within their minds as truth.

You must confront error, - stand up and bring love where there is error and disharmony, where someone comes to you in pain stand up and bring love and when someone speaks in terms that are grossly in error stand up, speak the truth. The conditions of this world will not change if there are not those souls who are willing to give love, to address error, to speak truth and to be a channel of love for God.

And indeed this world is in great need of reformation and change and some make efforts in this regard, some come together collectively and confront the error. Pray for those who are strong enough, clear enough to confront error. Confront the institutions of this world which do not bring life to this world but deplete and take from it because they desire power and financial benefit and those who believe that war will solve political problems.

No, my beloveds, love will solve whatever problems come your way or come the way of any nation or group of individuals. You must sow love, sow the seeds of love and truth wherever you go. This is done by saying a prayer each day. “Father use me as your channel of love. Use me so that you may reach out to many souls this day” and this will be so.

You see when you set forth your intention to bring change into the world, bring light, bring love, bring truth then God will respond in powerful ways if that intention is true and clear and done in love. The power of prayer, my beloveds, will bring change not only to yourselves but to this world. You know these laws. We have taught you many things, how to pray, the power of love, how your soul is transformed through love, we’ve taught you many things. And each day is a testing ground, an opportunity to apply what you know to be true, to walk that road of God’s Love and as you walk and pray and assert yourselves in the world many angels accompany you, God’s hand is firmly upon you. You become a channel, an instrument of God’s Will and Truth and Love.

Yes, much of this is very subtle, you may not recognize the effects of your efforts and God’s efforts working through you in the moment but indeed, the seeds are sown, the seeds of truth, and the seeds of desire for God’s Love. So I urge you, my beloved, beautiful souls, continue to move in the world as God’s instruments and channels. Move in the world. Walk your truth. Talk the truth that you know and may all be bathed in love, a wonderful flow of the Father’s Love.

And as you continue and proceed upon your path of life, this channel of love, this power of truth, this attempt to bring light and truth to the world will only get stronger and in time you will see direct and powerful results of your gifts as you are lead by God, as you come to know God’s Will with greater clarity and depth.

You each carry much truth within your souls and the burning light of God’s Love. This is where in the world, my beloveds, both knowing and possessing the love of God is a powerful gift. There are many who posses a measure of this Divine Love but do not know it, cannot describe it, are unaware of how to pray for it. They have received it because their longings of the soul have reached God and the Holy Spirit has responded and they have experienced that moment of the touch of God but most often they credit it to other things. Their understanding is weak or obscured by their own dogma and mental machinations. You, my beloveds, you posses both clarity and love, a powerful combination, a gift and a soul potential which God will use to enfold others in truth and Love. To bring that clear light and clear understanding to many in this world and in our world.

Continue to walk in this light, to be ever clear and cognisant of the truth, to be a channel of love wherever you go and God will put many upon your path, will guide you upon many roads, will lead you down many avenues of service. You are beautiful, each one, you carry this lantern of love within you. Your eyes begin to open in ways so that you recognize the truth, the power of God’s Love. You understand that you do carry a great jewel within you, a jewel beyond price, a treasure that no one can take from you, my beloveds, and you shall share this great knowledge in many ways, through many avenues and portals, to build within your soul as your gifts emerge and flourish in the love.

Listen to your Heavenly Father for he whispers the truth, he guides you, he teaches you and envelopes you.

Beloved souls, you are loved and I love you and many angels are with you and all within the Celestial Kingdom pray for each one of you, my beloved. That you may succeed in bringing these simple truths to mankind and there are others who will join you and who are connected to you that will do the same. This truth will spread. The light will grow. The wonderment of God’s blessings in this world will be felt by many and recognized as blessings from God. The time comes for intense service to the Creator. It will lift you up in surprising ways and carry you to surprising places and set you down where you are needed.

Blessings to you, beloveds, continue, be humble and walk the Path Divine each and every day. I am Martin Luther and I am with you upon your journeys. God bless you, God bless you.