Messages 2016

Struggle of Mind

March 10th, 2016

Selah, W.A. U.S.A.

Received by Al Fike.

God bless you, my beloveds, Confucius is with you. (Chuckles) Ah, the power of your minds, my beloveds. Mortals are such a wilful lot are they not? For they are imbued with much power, the power of free will, the power of creative thought, the power to do as they will in this world. The results of this powerful influence upon this world, as the wilful mortals continue to exert themselves, often without love or wisdom, creates such a condition in this world, a burden upon this beautiful world. And it is for you, my beloveds, to show another way, the way the soul informs the mind, for the soul brings forth the expression of the individual in this world in harmony with God’s Will.

Yes, you are challenged with this and each day is a test in this and you struggle so, I know, my beloveds, you struggle so with this issue for you are mortal and you continue to be burdened by the yolk which all mortals have created in this life, this world. It is the yoke of a desire to be powerful, to be acknowledged, to be loved, and you seek this from one another, this acknowledgement. You desire to gather together in powerful ways where you may change the world. Yet it is not you, my beloveds, that can change the world; it is God, and you must accept this. God will change the world and He will do so through you, if you so desire. But you must tame that part of you, so wilful, so human.

This does not mean you should not love yourselves and acknowledge every aspect of who you are, for God gave you this great blessing of your being and your life in this world, but you must strengthen your souls in Love continuously so that your soul may take precedence within your beings as it is meant to be. And in this way, you will truly be God’s instruments of change in this world, for as God blesses and guides you through your soul and you are aware of this with each breath, then there will be no mysteries of what you must do, only a clear path, a path well lit and well understood.

And so we beseech you time and time again, continue to pray for the Father’s Love in all earnestness, for without this your soul will continue to be dominated by your mind and this cannot be so for God’s instruments of change in the world. It must be that your souls are strong in Love, bright and beautiful, that all of that wisdom that is stored within you, all of that grace that may flow through you, all of those acts that you will do in this world, blessed by God, may manifest as is intended and you will know your great purpose and it will be fulfilled in every way, in many ways.

Continue to nourish your souls, beloved souls. To seek, to shed your mortality for the immortal, for the soul redeemed in Love, and what will emerge will be wondrous indeed, beautiful to behold, beautiful to behold and of true power. God bless you, beloveds. Confucius is ever with you as you continue in this world to seek truth and Love, change and Light. God bless you.