Messages 2016

Talk on Children

March 14th, 2016

Selah, W.A., U.S.A.

Received by Al Fike.

It is Mary. I come to speak to you about the children, the children in the world. The children are your future. They are bringing the destiny of God’s Will into this world and yet so many are lost, so many are unloved. Even in this land of plenty children are lost, they are not guided and loved as they should be but are forever caught in this great cycle of distraction and they do not know themselves, which they must, and this comes about through love. And if the children are lost, my beloveds, what of the world? What of the world of which they must be a steward when they are old enough to have those responsibilities? If they do not feel like they are a part of the whole, if each child feels isolated and completely concerned with themselves, how can they work together to bring peace and Light into this world?

Yet there are those who are born at this time who have great potential and destinies to lead this world to a better condition and Light, to teach their brothers and sisters how to love. You must pray for these children, these gifted souls, these souls who have come, for they will be the leaders of the world. They will be the ones who have the clear vision, and understanding, their souls filled with wisdom and love.

Yes, many are lost in this world, be they the young ones or the older ones. Many are lost because they do not understand what it is that is gifted to them in having a life, and they waste so much time in distraction and do not think deeply. They wander the world distracted and without a clear vision and understanding of why they are here, why they are here in this world. And the answer to this is so very simple, they are here to discover themselves and to love, to know love, to live in love and to discover God in a conscious and clear way. And if all the peoples of this world could grasp these simple concepts and understand and act upon them, this would be a very different place, my beloveds.

And you, my beloveds, understand this and must teach this wherever you go. Teach that every soul is made in love, to love, for love, and that every breath that every soul takes must be in this flow and grace. It is time to put away all those things that keep each soul from truly being within themselves, to feel their own presence, their own being and thus to reach out to God through God’s presence within their lives. So much keeps the soul away, buried deep beneath layers of thoughts, layers and layers of the human condition, and these must be torn away, cut away, prayed away so that each individual can truly know themselves, who they are, who they truly are and thus begin the journey of self-discovery and the opening of many gifts and faculties that may come with the benediction of the Father’s Love.

Yes, it is a great work ahead for you, my beloveds, to teach these simple truths, to help tear away these conditions, to help direct the souls to something more meaningful and powerful in their lives. And God will guide you, beloved souls. God will show you and use you in ways that will indeed cut through the error and the misguided actions of mankind. God will show you the touch and empower you to speak the words of truth, to help pull those souls out of their slumber, to pull them up so that they may be consciously aware that there is something more to life, there is something wonderful to life. And it begins with the children, my beloveds, the children who are more open and listen and who in their souls hunger for love.

Be strong, my beloveds, be loving, be kind and reach out to the children with love and may the Father bless you mightily with His Love and empower you with deep wisdom, with great Love as you shine this love in the world, the children will come running, knowing that this is a place of nurturance and peace and comfort, and as they gather around, teach them of the Father’s Love, teach them of His Love. God bless you, my beloveds, I am Mary and I love you dearly.