Messages 2016

The Blessing of the Father’s Love

November 21st, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Bless you, my beloveds, Confucius is with you in your prayers. There is movement in your souls, beloveds, movement in your souls. As the Father blesses you with His Love, that deep and abiding blessing of Love, His essence pouring into you, enlivening your beings, bringing change, shifts and currents within you. This will unfold in glorious openings and understandings and knowledge and love expressed through your souls, through your beings to one another, to this world, to yourselves. This great and mighty shift pulling you to places unknown, to understandings unforeseen, to awarenesses expansive and beautiful. For you are walking upon that road to God, that mighty road of Light. And with each blessing of Love you receive as you pray to your Heavenly Father seeking His Touch, His Love within you, your consciousness shifts, your soul awakens, your understanding grows, your perceptions deepen and you are changed, my beloveds, truly changed for all eternity.

And as God touches you within your souls, so it heals those wounds within, those conditions brought about by your experiences in life and the conditions of this world that cling to your souls, the Father touches you and brings deep relief and healing, gathering you into His bosom, giving you deep respite, nurturing you and showing you the way.

This is your blessing, given, by your entreating God, to pour His Love within and it is the highest blessing, the most powerful of all blessings, for Love is the most powerful of all substances in this universe. And as you allow this great blessing to pour within you, beloveds, you are truly changed. Continue to pray, to open yourselves to your Heavenly Father, to humbly beseech the Creator to change you from within and show you the power of Love, the wonderment that is who you are, a beautiful creation of God, a wonderment which is who God is, of this great and magnificent being whose capacity to love is infinite and your blessing of Love is forever.

Yes, your lives in this world, so fleeting, yet as your soul grows you will be able to see from that perspective of the soul and understand the true purpose of your life, the true unfolding of your existence in the flow of this eternal wonderment.

Beloveds, open your eyes, open your souls, open all of your beings to this great and wondrous gift of Love and all shall be revealed, given in this great flow, awareness after awareness, knowing beyond knowing, Love beyond love, peace beyond understanding, Light, glorious Light. Sink into this wondrous Love and Light and you will know the bliss of at-onement, beloved souls.

God bless you. Confucius loves you. God loves you. The angels love you, my beloveds. God bless you.