Messages 2016

The Gift of Life

March 29th, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Gibsons, B.C. Canada


God bless you, your friend James here. I see you are contemplating life, the importance of life, the renewal of life, the transitions in life. And it is important to note that a soul incarnates into the world so that it may acquire an identity, a sense of self, personality and expression of their soul manifest in flesh, in the spirit body, interacting with other souls, formulating a life, a direction, an expression unique to their particular soul.

And this is such a great gift to be embodied in the flesh, to be given many gifts that are inherent in life, the gift of free will, the gift of desire and emotions, the possibility to love and to connect with others and with God. And these things begin with the incarnation of the soul into the flesh - the first step in the flow of life that goes on and on. And for those you have known who have passed on into the world of spirit, give thanks that you have known them, that you have been a part of their lives, that you have loved them, that they have been a part of your life and wish them well upon their journey. Each soul passes through this plane very briefly in order to accomplish these goals towards securing identity and to set one’s path forward in life, existing as an individuated soul. These things are a great blessing. And you, each one of you, contribute to all the others within your circle of life in this process. Your individual expressions, your capacity to love and your view of the world affects those around you.

You walk in this life as another living example of God’s great Creation and it is your choice how that is done, how you express yourselves and what is important to you. To know your souls, to know who you truly are is the greatest of gifts to yourself. But the greatest gift of all is God’s Love which ignites further aspects of your identity with the Gifts inherent within your soul, and greater capacities and opportunities to express yourself in this world.

Do not waste your time in idle pursuits, beloved souls, but seek to know yourselves, seek to know God, seek to explore the depths of your soul and expressions of your true self in this world, for to do so is a great gift not only to yourselves, but to all those around you. Express yourselves as truly and completely as you can in loving ways, in beautiful ways, with compassion, strength, perception, truth and beauty. So much is inherent within each soul ignited by God’s Love, and opens the window for the development and expression of your soul.

The dear loved one who has departed is in good hands. Many are praying for her and for her transition and for the family. God’s hand rests upon all those affected by this. Your prayers are being answered, my beloveds, and love is pouring upon all who are in grief and pain. Be reassured that peace will come and there will be adjustments, transitions, that God will help to clear the way so as to live that peace, to heal the pain of grief.

Yes, life is precious, and all of you know this and live your life fully with eyes of love and gratitude towards God for this gift of life. Continue in your prayers, beloved souls, seeking the Kingdom above all else, growing your souls, knowing your true selves and being that channel of Love in the world. You are the examples for many and many observe you and look to you. Continue to be humble and strong, at peace and full of love and you will bring comfort to many in this world who are full of grief and pain, confusion and error. Continue in your efforts to be God’s instruments for Love and healing, peace and truth. Continue, beloved souls, who begin to recognize their true selves and to enact in the world the beauty of their souls and the fulfillment of God’s Will. God bless you, I am James and I love you. I love you dearly, God bless you.