Messages 2016

The soul longs for Gods Touch

October 29th, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

The Heavenly Father welcomes all into His Embrace and all are welcome continually and always. In fact, a soul needs not earn his way into this Embrace for it is always present, always there. It is more a soul must discover that this possibility exists always. There are no limitations to God’s Love, there are no exceptions to God’s Love, for God loves all, embraces all and desires that all receive this great Gift of His Love.

It is only those who turn away, who are ignorant of the facts, who cannot see beyond the needs of their own emotions and minds that do not receive this embrace, for to be embraced by God in a conscious way is to know your own soul that other place that is you, that place that is truly who you are and that place is covered by layers upon layers of conditions, encrustations. The soul in most is neglected, unrecognized, un-nurtured and so the soul languishes as the mind has control and precedence and provides the modus operandi for one’s life.

If the entire world was motivated from their soul longings, from that place of soul, all of your dilemmas and darkness and error would disappear, for the soul intuitively knows what is right and good and loving. The soul longs for God and in so longing and connecting what else can there be but goodness and Light and Truth. And so you, my beloveds, you sit in longing and prayer, opening and eagerly receiving this Gift of Love and in this you are allowing your souls expression, allowing your souls to grow, to be free of the shackles of the mind and to soar with the embrace of God’s great soul.

Continue to dance with God in this way, to open, to open your eyes, to know through your souls what is true and what is important in your lives and you will find a deep and abiding joy which cannot be obtained by any other way but this opening and plummeting the depths of your souls with all honesty and true intention and desire and longing.

Be with God, my beloveds, and know that you are continually embraced by God and it is for you to know this, to acknowledge it, and to long for it and you will uncover the Truth, you will know more deeply with each day this wondrous embrace. God bless you. I am Andrew and I love you.