Messages 2016

The Will of God

December 12th, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.


It is Augustine your teacher and I wish to discuss the topic of the will of God - how it is manifest in your lives, and in this world.

Think of the will of God as a light emanating from the sun. This light is pure and direct and powerful. It has many attributes. The will of God is like this - it shines forth from God into all the universe and is unimpeded within the conditions of God’s Creation in their pure form but when the will of God comes to this world it is obscured by the clouds of the human condition. That sunlight is diffused and not direct and at times there are clearings and the direct light hits your being and creates inspiration, even revelation within you as your souls are quite able to receive this beautiful inspiration from God. His will resonating within you and then that clear sky often gets covered again by the human condition and the light becomes diffused once more.

As these conditions roll in, you also become somewhat confused, your thinking diffused and so the will of God is not as bright, clear and powerful within you. Whatever God has guided you to do often gets distorted by your minds as you think and review this gift of inspiration and so you go about your daily life in an effort to apply what is given in guidance and at times this does not seem satisfactory to you because of this weakness in the illumination of the understanding.

And so you must return to your Heavenly Father in prayer, ask again for His guidance, ask for confirmation of this guidance. Bring your focus back to what has been asked of you and the angels will help to bring you clarity.

In an ideal world, a world clear of these conditions, the will of God given to the soul, enlivened with the Father’s Love, and would be clear as day. There would be no question, there would be only a joyful enactment of whatever is given in guidance and direction.

So you, my beloveds, have a difficult time often discerning the will of God, to collect these diffused rays of light within you for to make sense of it. There are some more attuned than others and who are able to discern more readily these bits of guidance but most of you struggle. You have within you certain ideas, and perspectives. You filter the information, make it anew at times, make it into something else that is not relevant to this flow of God’s Will and so it goes in your life. You feel you are being tested when the understanding is unclear and you act upon it and find results that are not satisfactory. At times you feel guilty or inadequate or that you’ve been abandoned by God. This is not so. You are guilty of nothing other than trying. The results may not be as you expect but there are results none the less and God never abandons you.

You should to move forward with the grounded viewpoint that not all of God’s Will can be enacted in this world in a pure and powerful way. There are times when this can be so and the flow of His Will has direct and wondrous results and in these times you should celebrate that the clouds were indeed lifted and the light did indeed shine and you were blessed and those around you were blessed with whatever God intended for you to be blessed with. That whatever action happened in the world brought light.

You must understand that God’s Will cannot always be enacted in the world in a pure and unadulterated way. No but as you grow in the Love, as your souls expand in the Love it acts to clear away these conditions and brings you into greater alignment with His Will and you begin to have the faculties that enable you to hear and see and understand in a clear way what that will is. And even then, my beloveds, you still must deal with the human condition in this world and this is a challenge also. Two challenges, one in the clearing of the conditions within your own souls and then the clearing of the conditions around you. As you continue to work in these areas, as you continue to pray for more of God’s Love, as you learn discernment, as you grow, as you move in this world and become wise, your perceptions of the soul deepen, you begin to release those deep conditions which distort your thinking and your faith grows and God’s Will, will become apparent and a powerful aspect of your lives. You will begin to release the burden that many of you carry, a sense of responsibility, of upholding this truth in the world and often you feel anguished when others turn away, do not understand and you feel guilty that you have missed opportunities and you do not feel as if you have done enough.

It is in the growing of your souls that all of these dilemmas will fall away and find solutions and come into clarity. You are not alone, you are never alone and God is joyed by your efforts to be His channels of love and to be close to him. Do not ever feel that you are inadequate, that you do not give enough.

There are always times to pray, my beloveds. If you feel you are at a loose end, pray. If you feel you need to do something more, pray. Dedicate your soul to the inflowing of His Love, for here lies the key to all. There is nothing to be concerned about other than concern about the relationship between you and your Heavenly Father and in this the clarity will come, the light will shine, the guidance will be given and you will know the joy of that intimate and caring, deep and vital relationship that comes with the Father’s Love and his presence within your life, within your consciousness. It must be a constant shining light for each of you.

And to allow this beautiful expression to infuse and grasp and envelop every aspect of who you are and every aspect of your life for God’s Will to shine through with great clarity and impact, to bring light and harmony.

You continue to struggle, you continue to grow, you continue to pray. This is good, this is the way it must be and yes, so much of what you have benefitted from - the blessings that are given, the growth that you have made - is hard won in this difficult world. But you have grown stronger with each day, each prayer, each struggle, each triumph and you will continue to do so until your days are full of light and clarity, until you are rightfully within the flow of God’s Love. This is coming.

You continue to wade into that deep stream. It is coming. Have faith, my beloveds, know that God’s Love and His Will will triumph over all and bring to you what your souls truly desire, which is service and at-onement, love and joy, wisdom and peace. It grows within you and will come to fruition in your lifetime.

Blessed are you, my beloveds, for you carry the flame of truth, you are committed, you are growing in strength and always continue, continue to seek His Will.

Your teacher Augustine is always by your side, encouraging and teaching as are many angels who love and support you. You are never alone, beloveds, and we will never leave you. God bless you, God bless you. I love you.