Messages 2016

There is a purpose for you

October 15th, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

It is Confucius. I see my little birds have come back to roost. (Return from England, Germany and Serbia) How pleased we are with their efforts. They have completed yet another journey, bringing the Light of God’s Love wherever they went and many souls were touched by their efforts and their prayers and their conversations with so many. Each day was a dedication to this work and we are pleased with their efforts.

The work will expand, my beloveds. Each of you feels a calling, a desire to contribute to this ever-expanding work to bring Love and Light to this world. And though within your minds you do not see the plan unfolding, but indeed it is, beautifully and in accordance to God’s Will. And for those of you who desire to be a part of this unfolding wave of Love and Light in the world, you will find your place - you will find your place within this work. But as always you must feel your connection with the Creator, feel the flow of His Will through you, my beloveds, and the dawning awareness that there is a purpose for each one of you and to allow this to manifest in your lives in beautiful flowering expressions of your soulful gifts, your beautiful love and Light within.

Trust in God, my beloveds. Trust in His Will, His Love, His great care for each one of you, for you will be enveloped and healed and carried and guided and He will open your souls to this great blessing of Love and bring you into this family of the children of God.

So much remains a mystery to you, my beloveds, yet you continue to walk forward, seeking the Light, trusting in God’s Hand which rests upon you, bringing such blessings and protection and wisdom and Love. Dear souls, be in this flow, allow God’s Hand to transform every aspect of your being and your lives so that it will be a beautiful expression of Light and grace and loving action. Open your souls. Drink in these living waters. Allow yourselves to be fully immersed in this great Love and know that great peace that passes all understanding.

Beloveds, though the storm rages around you, God’s love and protection, His peace and Light, surround you. God bless you. Confucius loves you.