Messages 2016

Turn to the soul rather than the mind

December 2nd, 2016

Hawaii, United States of America

Received by Al Fike.


It is Augustine.

The servants of God will be attending a service tomorrow. A place that is in deep need of your service, beloveds. Be prayerful, continue to be a channel of his love in these places that are receptive and curious. There is much that can be accomplished there if you are willing to embrace all you meet and within this place and your presence will make a difference there and help to inspire those who pray there.

The angels will be with you and you will fulfil a task for God in coming together in prayerful harmony, bringing your love, praying for God’s love, praying for the light to build within this place. There are seekers there and those who have the sensibilities will acknowledge this truth of love and be receptive to the words that you have to say. You need not go into a deep dialogue, no my brethren, simple words, simple prayer, simple love is all that is required.

Give of your heart where there is too much of the mind involved; not only in this place but in many places. From those who try to discern truth, they use the instruments of their material minds too much, unaware that they must think deep within their souls and with all those longings. What resides there, what is truly within them? Inspire those you meet upon the morrow. To go to that place of deep contemplation, opening the door to the soul and to God.

You will be guided. God has a plan, my beloveds and each of you will have a place within that beautiful plan for the salvation of mankind. It is for you to learn to quiet your minds and listen to the Will of God, to not doubt the power of His love working through you and within you, to grasp what it is that you are meant to do, my beloveds, and to express this each moment of your lives. For, a purpose, a purpose must be alive within you with each breath, a passion and a knowing what it is you are meant to do. And for those who go here and there speculating, trying to understand, my beloveds, the key is within your soul, the key is in your communication with your Creator, the key is the strength that comes from this knowing, the strength that comes from His Love growing within you, the strength that comes from the healing and the transformation of your soul.

It is simple, it does not require great learning, research, building complex paradigms of understanding. No, my beloveds, it comes in your relationship with God, it comes in your sincere prayers to your Heavenly Father, it comes with your willingness to open and be touched deep within you. This is not complicated, this is elegant simplicity, gloriously true, powerfully exemplified through your experience with God.

Be in the flow of His Love, my beloveds, walk this simple truth, be simple in your ways but truthful and honest and have great faith and if you can be true to this way you will draw many to you. For how may can walk in the world in this simple but powerful way?

And this is what many seek but they are disillusioned in your world. Many are confused and angry and lack love. If you can give love with humility and grace along with truth, you give your fellow man a great gift. You allow God to work through you, you teach by your embrace and your gaze and your smile and your presence. You heal by the very nature of your being attuned to God and the flow of His Love.

In this there is no need to convince another but to be in the presence of another. You are a living example of truth if you but choose this stance of love and strength, humility and grace.

Can you do this, my beloveds, can you walk in this way and put aside your concerns, those thoughts that inevitably are created within you, a reflection of the human condition and be pure in yourselves and your connection with God and your willingness and capacities to love?

Beloved souls, God entreats you to walk in this way. Many of you have prayed for many years, you have experienced much in life, you see that so much is falling in error around you but rather than judge you must love, rather than insist that another change, love them, be the Love and in this you fulfil God’s desire and your purpose. It is very simple, my beloveds, but hard to do in a challenging world and thus we continue to support and uphold you as you continue to practice this simple truth and we will continue to teach and guide, to love and give our love as you continue to struggle and find that beautiful path that is meant for you, my beloveds. You are already on it and some of you do not realize it and some of you do. Open your eyes, beloveds, open your eyes to what is truly important and precious. Be the light, seek your Heavenly Father in all things and be strong enough to look into yourselves and allow that which is not in harmony with God’s Love to fall away. You are strong enough, you are wise enough to do so, beloved souls.

God bless you and we will be with you on the morrow as you take up your flames and join them together in loving celebration of God’s beautiful truth of love. God bless you, your teacher Augustine loves you dearly and is with you always, God bless you. 