Messages 2016

Why complicate life?

November 28th, 2016

Hawaii, United States of America

Received by Al Fike.

It is Goldie.

God bless you. Oh you’ve made the Pastor think, my friends. In that place of prayer, you brought a sweetness to that room but these people are used to sugar and you brought honey. They must be accustomed to that flavour and that particular sweetness. Please continue to feed them the honey of God’s Love, to show them, to surround them, and envelope them in this beautiful, beautiful sweet blessing.

And I was there to give that sweet man some laughter, which he needs very much in his life and you must laugh with him, my beloveds, laugh with one another for in the laughter and in the joy, in the openness, in your embracing one another you bring a great light, a sweetness to the air, a beauty, a glow to yourselves, beloveds.

Be sweet to another, be sweet to all you meet and bring joy and laughter. This is a tonic, a blessing that many need in this world so full of stress and pressure and tightness. Loosen yourselves up in joyful prayer, in laughter, in song and you will bring the blessings of God’s love into your midst and joy into your hearts.

Beloved souls, I love you. I will be with you in your prayers. I’ve always been with you and often I follow you to the (noise). (laughter) and your thoughts.

Oh, how you wish to complicate life when it is so simple and joyful. Go with God and go with joy and life will be simpler, easier, lighter.

Beloveds, I will help you to know joy, I will help you to release your burdens.

God bless you (noise), my friends, God bless you.