Messages 2016

Working as a group has many benefits for the World

May 9th, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

West Vancouver, B.C. Canada


There is much that we can accomplish with this group as it is if you wish to commit to sitting in circle in prayer, seeking for the highest as you do, for God’s Love and His blessing. And as you do so and are open to the energies, the currents and waves of Light, the blessings that come, we may utilise this group to help others in the world, to even change the conditions of this world, as we do with other groups around the world. And there is much work to be done, beloved souls, as you make these efforts in prayer together and as you connect with others in the world, as you all share your mutual desires for God’s Blessings and to be used as instruments and channels of Light and Love and healing for this world.

With these aspirations, with these longings from your souls and with these efforts to come together you can be used many ways, many ways that you are not aware of, that you cannot see or feel or touch. But I tell you, my friends, God can use you in deep and profound ways to help your fellow man, to change the conditions in this world, to bring greater Light, to help influence souls who are to come and assist you and to gather with you. It can bring relief from pain and influence the leaders of this world to help bring positive change and inspire many souls to focus and apply themselves to these ends. As God’s Hands Touch many and brings the influence of Light and Love to many it shows the way to bring change and healing and harmony to this world, which is indeed in desperate need of all of these blessings.

First and foremost, you must be focussed in your prayers to be close to God and this, beloved souls, is a prayer for His Love and this benediction upon your souls. With this a door is opened, indeed many doors are opened that we in spirit, the angels who are redeemed by this Love and live and reside in the Celestial Kingdom can be with you and work in conjunction with you and bring many powerful aspects of healing, energies of all descriptions, Light, beautiful Light, influences of Love into this world. For as a circle you become a portal for this to come and as you pray in this way, we are able to be with you in powerful and effective ways. As the Love flows from God, surrounding each of you and all of you, much is accomplished, many blessings are given, many souls are touched and you are not aware, my beloveds, so many, so many it would boggle your minds, if you could only see the effects of your prayers and our efforts together to bring blessings to this world and to you and to your loved ones and to the many who are connected to this group.

And on it goes, beloved souls. Such a small effort from you brings many great blessings and influences that will indeed change this world. But you must be committed. You must understand what is important and it is not that I say you must understand all the mechanics of how this is accomplished, for this is not necessary. But you must be pure in your heart and in your desires to serve in this way, to receive within your souls this great benediction of Love and all else will come, a great cascading of Light and blessings comes with this simple desire and commitment to sit together in prayer in this way. I ask you, my beloved, beautiful friends, consider this when you come together. Consider this and prepare yourselves on the day of this gathering. Be prayerful. Have the intentions of love for one another. Be at peace within yourselves and know the excitement within your souls that you are a part of something vast and powerful and loving for this world, for yourselves and your inner world.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am here with you each time you pray and I work with each one of you to bring greater harmony within your beings and to bring greater harmony in the world. God bless you and may He keep you in this Light always. Beloved souls, you are blessed and you have many gifts to share, each one of you. May you walk upon that Path Divine and express yourselves in the flow of Love in beautiful and harmonious ways. God bless you. I am Seretta Kem and I love you. God bless you.