Messages 2017

Accept the Diversity that God Created

May 13th, 2017

Self Realization Center, Encinitas, California

Received by A.F.


Friends, I am indeed Yogananda and I thank you for coming to my sanctuary, for being in this place and adding your prayers to this beautiful garden. You see, Light is everywhere beloveds, Light is everywhere.

I am happy that the scales have fallen from your eyes, my two precious friends, that you see that I too have brought the Truth of God’s Love into the world, that I too dedicated my life to soul awakening. Yes, my words were different, my teachings reflected my life and background, but you see each, each of you may bring some teaching to the world as your souls are ignited and aflame with Love so you may share this Love and share the Truth of this Love to whom you meet and speak to and embrace. So it takes all of us from many different religions and backgrounds and teachings who have seen the higher Truth of Love to bring this forward into the world so that the whole world may be a garden like this, beloveds. The whole world may be entranced by the condition of beauty and Love.

Is this not God’s Will? Is not my God your God? Everyone’s God? Think of the world in this way, my friends. Everyone is a child of God. Everyone must be loved and accepted and embraced. I do indeed inhabit the Celestial Kingdom and I know that you have wondered about this. Do not let your biases get in the way of your acceptance of the Truth. Know that each beautiful soul will bring forth their truth, their understanding, in their unique ways and their unique voice. Accept this beloveds, the world is diverse, it is full of differences, but you have a choice, as do all. Will you accept the differences of others and be tolerant or will you reject and say “what is like me is the most valid truth”?

Beloved souls, this earth is full of diversity. Wherever you go you will encounter differences, different perspectives, even different colours of skin. This is the way of the world. This is how God created us all, is it not, with these differences? When we bring them together, we create Truth, beautiful Truth.

My friend (JW), I am with you often and we have many conversations in spirit as you sleep. I thank you for introducing these dear souls (JF& AF) to this place and to my presence. This will, I believe, create a beautiful relationship amongst you all as I continue to make efforts to bring Truth to this world, as do all the angels in Heaven.

Accept…. accept. Love…… Love. Breathe, breathe in Truth, that River of God, that Light of full understanding, that bliss of God’s Love pouring into your souls. Filling that vessel, filling you up with Him.

It is so simple. Even a little yogi like me may understand it (laughter). It is so simple.

God bless you, beloveds. I will come again and speak with you. I have great love for you because you bring a light to this world and the more you can allow it to shine to all the people of this world, you will bring a change and a difference. You will light a candle, that will light a candle, that will light a candle in the world until the whole world is alight with Truth.

God bless you. I am Yogananda and I honour you, I honour each of you as beautiful souls of God’s Love. God bless you.