Messages 2017

Befriending Your Soul

March 5th, 2017

Received by: Al Fike

Gibsons, B.C. Canada


Welcome to this Circle of Light, this oasis of Peace, your sanctuary of Love.

As you gathered the souls together last night, many were blessed as the joy welled up within the souls who participated in the singing and celebrations.

And today we have a diverse group together in this Circle of Light, coming from many different perspectives. Yet you come together, your souls draw you together my beloveds. Your souls draw you to God. No matter the thoughts of the mind, the perceptions which are formulated by your life experiences, it is the soul that draws you together, and it is the soul that will draw you to God, if you listen, if you open to that possibility.

And what is it that the soul hungers for? It hungers for Love. For a soul empowered with Love is a soul that experiences joy and the security of the sure knowledge of its connection with the Creator, the Great Soul, and an awareness within each one of you of that place within that is your true self, that power within that ignites life within you and in many ways motivates you. Yet often you do not recognize this because so much is filtered through your minds and the biases of your minds, the perceptions of your material mind. The soul is lost in this process and you often feel like you are being motivated solely by your thoughts and your reactions to life.

No, my beloveds, there is something deeper within each one of you, within each individual who inhabits this world, and it is for you to discover this, to know this, to abide by the wisdom of your souls. For there is great wisdom there and there is Truth and there is the great potential to be close to God in a conscious way, in an individual relationship with your Creator. And this takes effort to go beyond the machinations of the mind to that place of pure knowing and awareness, to find that Peace that passes all understanding, to live in that Light that is available to each soul in this world if they seek it willingly, if they have a desire to be in that Light.

God Touches every soul who longs for Him. God seeks to express His Love to every soul and every soul has the capacity to receive His Love, this Substance, this Essence of God, within. And what does this take? A mere prayer, a mere opening, a longing within, that is already there but needs to be recognized and expressed. So there is always a choice, my beloveds. There is always a choice. And for many in your world, they are distracted, they do not know there is a choice, their souls buried so deep within them that even the thought of its existence is a foreign thought. And so there are many barriers to this awakening of the reality of the existence of the soul within.

Yet you beloveds, have come together in prayer, in your effort to uncover and know in a deep way your true selves and to forge that connection with the Creator. Say this prayer: “Dear God, open my soul to the inflowing of Your Divine Essence. I am willing and I desire to receive this Deep Touch from You and I want to know You. I want to know my true self.” With this simple prayer, said with sincere longing you will know the response from God and it will be undeniable. The choice is yours. Every moment is an opportunity to receive in this way but you must ask, you must long, it must be your desire to know this deep and wondrous gift of Divine Love. And in knowing and receiving, many doors will open for you, deeper understanding will come, many of your questions will be answered and many of those conditions within your soul that are not in harmony with God will be healed. And in time, with concerted effort and focus, and prayer, you will know at-onement with God. For as His Essence flows within you, this forges a relationship so close, so powerful, so complete, that at-onement is possible.

I beseech you my beautiful friends, make an effort to say these prayers and the course of your life will change irrevocably. The results will be profound. Your inner awareness will change and you will know a deep joy in your relationship with God. A simple act, a simple prayer, a willingness to be open, a recognition of your true soul’s desire is all that is required and in this you will gain the world, the world of God.

God bless you and thank you for listening. I am Luke and I love you. God bless you, beloved souls.