Messages 2017

Come to Know Your Own Soul

May 21th, 2017

Bend, Oregon. U.S.A

Received by Al Fike


I am Icarious and I lived in Phoenicia1 many hundreds, thousands of years ago. I come to talk about what it is that you desire, compared to what it is that God desires. God desires for you, my beloved souls, to come to know your own soul. As well as this, He asks that you come to know the relationship between your soul and God’s Soul. You know how this is accomplished, for you are practicing the tenets of Divine Love, these principles you have seen work, have their effect upon you and give you a deep sense of who you truly are. You are coming to open your eyes to God’s Presence and Being. As your souls are awakened in Love, so your souls, the faculties of your soul, become ignited, opened, they become a part of your reality. So with these faculties you are able to understand the deeper Truths, the Presence of God. You come to see us, the angels, more clearly.

In this awakening and development of your souls, expansion of your souls in Love, your priorities shift, your perspectives shift and your desires change. For most, their desires originate from their minds, but you have discovered there are deeper desires within your soul. This is what you are focusing upon and this is what God compels you to focus upon. As you follow these desires, as you follow the road that draws you forward into greater life, you release these other desires of the mind because you see them as irrelevant. They are not truly a part of you any more. For many of you there is a conflict between these two sets of desires. Your mind still wishes to hold on to its ideas and its perspective of reality, its wants and needs, something that you have been nurturing for many, many years in your life. Yet something radical and new is happening within you, the awakening of your soul. You, my beloveds, must give yourself time to adjust, to allow this new set of desires, this new reality to settle into your consciousness and to honour this new self, emerging tender, and sensitive, and young.

Love your soul, my beloveds, nurture your soul with prayer, with acknowledgement, with patience and understanding. For to be born again is truly to have the tenderness and newness of a babe and you must nurture this new child within you, this awakening soul that will bring you deeper understanding, greater love, deeper peace, fulfillment in God. In time these conflicts of the mind and the soul will dissipate. As you learn to walk and grow and be comfortable within this new self, you will look back upon these intense desires that you once had and find some amusement in your perspective, for the immature human is the one that is carried exclusively by the perceptions and desires of the mind. You, my dear souls, are maturing in this beautiful way and this is what humanity must come to. You are the vanguards, you are leading the way, you are brave and strong enough to say: “I desire this, I want to be an enlightened soul.” When you are indeed filled up with Love and alive with new perceptions and joyful and sure in your knowing and being, this is the time when you will walk forward amongst your brothers and sisters and say: “I know a way, a way out of your dilemmas, of all our dilemmas, and it is Love.”

Love changes, Love empowers, Love gives, and gives and gives without a feeling of resentment, without feeling that you have been drained or that you are losing something in the exchange of Love. No, the power of God’s Love burning within your soul, burning bright and clear, empowers to such a degree that the flow and the acts that come from this will empower many others without diminishing yourself. For when you walk in the flow of God’s Love and Will, all your needs are fulfilled. There is harmony with each footfall, there is peace and joy. This is your goal, my beloveds, and I know that you struggle. I know you have your wants and needs and you beseech God to give what you think you need. But I say, God already fulfills your needs. Are you not sheltered and fed and protected and loved? Yes, my beloveds, your needs are met. And often when you cry out, feeling in that place of inequity in your life, it is really a cry for more love, to be loved and to love yourself. When you see others and feel judgment or envy or any such emotion, it is because you still cannot accept your own beautiful being in perfect Love. These are merely markers of your own progression indicating the requirement of greater prayer, more faith, more to release, more to heal. But I tell you, you are so much farther ahead than many, many upon this world who are so numb that they do not even feel their needs, their hurts and pains. They are lost in the darkness of their own confusion and lack of Love. You feel, my beloveds, you feel. You are aware and at times this awareness, these feelings, are difficult to accept, to acknowledge. But this is all part of the healing that comes with the birth of your souls and you must accept that this road is not easy. But with these great strains and difficulties comes great rewards in the end as you work your way through the cleansing process of your soul.

For each soul must go through expiation, healing, and cleansing. As the Love pours in, so these conditions must fall away and the greatest pain of all is when you hold on and make it difficult to follow. Allow God to heal you, my beloveds. Allow God to transform you with His Love. Allow yourself to be carried, to be comforted, to be guided, to be loved. In this trust and faith, in allowing God to soothe your troubled soul, to make you whole again, and to make you into something other than human, a Divine Angel, this is the path you are treading upon, my beloveds. Transformation is not easy. The transformation of your soul is the greatest event of your existence. It is powerful, it is intense. It brings up many emotions and thoughts that are not pleasant, yet the angels surround you as you may weep. The angels comfort you as you feel this pain, as you are angered by your own sense of worthlessness or deprivation or the inequities of your life. But you must confront these things within you and allow them to fall away, for these heavy conditions cannot coexist with the Light. If you are to rise up to God, you must be unburdened and you know how this is possible. As you receive this Love, so the cleansing, the healing takes place. Accept this, my beloveds, accept the process that will transform you. I assure you that you will know great joy and relief and the ecstasy of knowing God, being in harmony with your heavenly Father, being in harmony with life, being in harmony with yourself.

What more can a soul ask? As you traverse this Path, the power and glory and intensity of these things will only get greater and greater. It is God’s Promise to you: “As I bring you closer to my soul, you will feel the glory and ecstasy of my embrace.” You desire this, my beloveds. In each of your souls is a true desire to be at one with God. You are all walking in this direction, you are all continuing to shed the burdens that hold you from this. You shall continue to shed those things as God blesses you with His Love, as God guides you and teaches you, shows you the way, as we walk by your side for you are never alone, my beloveds, never. We are always with you and God’s Hand rests upon you. Be joyful that you have found the true way of Love, that you are on the road to Light so exquisite and beautiful that you could not understand at this time but will as you continue to be awakened, as the eyes of your soul open, as your true self emerges from the human condition and becomes in alignment with God.

Beloved souls, I am with you on your journey. I am Icarious. I am happy to speak to you this day. God bless you and keep you in His Love and soothe your troubled souls and bring you joy and peace. God bless you. And I love you. God loves you.

Note 1 Phoenicia was an ancient Semitic-speaking civilization that originated in the Levant region of the eastern Mediterranean, specifically modern Lebanon. It was concentrated along the coast of Lebanon and included some coastal areas of Syria and northern Israel, reaching as far north as Arwad and as far south as Acre and possibly Gaza. At its height between 1500 and 300 BCE, Phoenician civilization spread across the Mediterranean, from Cyprus to the Iberian Peninsula.