Messages 2017

Diagnosis for Al

June 14th, 2017

Abbotsford, B. C. Canada

Received by A.F.


It is Seretta Kem and I wish to give some guidance for this instrument regarding the condition that resulted with his vision. His exertion caused a very small clot to travel to his brain causing what you would call a hemorrhage, a small stroke in the area where the optic nerve enters into the brain system and this did indeed cause some visual effects within his vision. So, I would suggest that you concentrate your healing energies within this area behind the right eye, a quadrant around the temple. Indeed, these physical manifestations will disappear with time. Not a great deal of damage was done but indeed this instrument noticed a dramatic change in his vision, his sense of balance, and even some cognitive abilities.

These conditions of stroke are very serious indeed, and could have caused a great deal of damage if the clot was larger in scope. He must consider this, that moderate exercise and activity is important but excessive amounts, pushing oneself beyond one’s normal limits can be dangerous. We will continue to provide healing and support physically for him and all of you as we have done in the past and certainly will do in the future. But each of you has the responsibility to play your part in maintaining your health, making those choices that are beneficial, eating those foods that are beneficial to your body, and putting aside those cravings for those things that you know are not favourable towards your health and well-being.

Indeed, each day is a choice. Each day brings its own challenges. Even the body itself has physical cravings, desires that you may choose to listen to or not. When those desires and cravings are for foods that are good for you then I would encourage you to listen, but often they are not, they are the result of old habits and patterns of life. Mindless gratification is so common in this world as you have so many options. It is so easy to choose the wrong thing, no matter what arena in life this may be. For the world encourages you, it entices you and this does bring indeed a conflict for your soul and indeed your own body knows what is good yet you are such a victim of your mind, of all that information and ideas which are a part of your experience, the influences that you have grown up with, the ideas that are often of error or distorted that you were taught.

Indeed, to reach for the highest, to seek the enlightenment of your soul, all of these conditions, these thoughts, these matters of the mind need to be confronted with an awareness of how you interact with this mindful condition. Indeed, the awakening of the soul is the awakening of knowing how you are in the world in response to your mindful condition. This is challenging indeed, for on one hand there is the challenge of the expiation of the soul through Divine Love and on the other there is the challenge of dealing with many thoughts and energies within you. These are collected by your mind so thoroughly and with such dedication that needs to be transformed into truth and harmony.

As you progress upon this Divine path, you receive much help and assistance from the angels. Your soul knows the truth. The strength that comes from this, the power of the love within your soul, assists you in the transformation of your conscious self so that you are in harmony with God’s Laws of Harmony and Creation, both within your soul and within your mind. And this is required if you are to accomplish your goals, to be that pure channel of love in the world, to bring forth these beautiful gifts from your soul, to bring forth truth from your mind, to be in alignment and harmony with all.

Yes, the challenges are formidable but the power of God’s Love is the greatest power in all the universe and it is indeed working upon you, changing you, uplifting you, healing you and bringing to your consciousness those parts of you that are in error so you continue to grow, so you will continue to be dedicated to this beautiful path unfolding of your soul in love. You begin to realize the possibilities of what you might do in this world to be a channel of God’s Love in this world, of truth and love. So, we continue upon this path together. And my dear brother Augustine is so correct in his encouragement to place your connection and your prayers and your aspirations for God’s Love first and foremost in your life. As you well know, ‟Seek ye the Kingdom and all will come to you.″

This is simple. This is truth. This is the key that opens all the other doors. May you continue to walk through many of these doors and explore the wonderment that is your own soul and your soul’s capacity to be in relationship with God and all is made possible with the flow of His Love. God bless you my beloveds. God bless you. I am Seretta Kem and I will continue to guide you and educate you and pray with you and be with you. God bless you.