Messages 2017

The Angels support our choice for Direct Voice

May 18th, 2017

Redding, California, U.S.A.

Received by Al Fike.


So you have decided upon this project of Direct Voice and we have waited for that decision, my beloveds. We have waited for you to come to that place of understanding and knowing of the depth of commitment that is required to bring forth this gift that was unfortunately interrupted.1 And to date you have made some good and sound decisions regarding this. And I would advise that you begin in earnest before the ending of this year, that you gather those together who are committed as well to begin your time of prayer, by sitting for this gift to be developed and unfold.

This is a great commitment by we in spirit as well. It requires a great deal of effort from our side of life, as you can imagine. To bring forth the highest teachers, to bring forth the Master Jesus, His disciples, those in the higher Celestial spheres, and those who have much teaching to give to humanity. This is not to be taken lightly, nor is it a casual venture. This will take up most of your life, my beloveds. This will require some sacrifice on your part and some deep commitments in terms of your lifestyle, in terms of what is important, your priorities, even your diets. For present this instrument is not in the right physical condition to be used as an instrument in this way, and he must prepare himself. Be strict and consistent in what he consumes. Bringing certain metabolic systems in balance, for this will indeed cause strain upon the physical body. We do not wish to see our efforts come to nought, nor do we wish to see this instrument pass into spirit prematurely; no this is a great investment on both our parts - both us and yours. And there are requirements, definite requirements in order to accomplish this goal. And so it must be with each participant in this effort that there is a deep commitment and clear understanding of what this commitment entails, and a passion and desire for this gift to unfold, for yes it will bring many many souls to the Truth, once accomplished.

These sorts of manifestations, though not necessary to teach others, do indeed get the attention of many, for they cannot ignore this. This will bring a revelation to mankind. This will assist many souls and assist your world in the transition that is coming. And this instrument has prayed and asked, “Is this part of God’s Will, is this part of the plan for the salvation of mankind?” And I would say, this can be part of it. This can be a significant component of this plan. But nothing is guaranteed in this regard, for the development of this gift is not guaranteed. It is dependent upon your commitment. Your ability to adhere to the requirements that are strict. Your ability to desire only for the highest and to not allow those influences outside of yourself to manipulate you, to take advantage.

If this gift were to be exploited for material gain, or in negative ways, we would not enter into this agreement, this partnership. You must realize that this is for God and God alone. It is your dedication and your effort to allow God to work through you in this way. It is not for material gain, it is not for prestige, it is not to gratify some need within you, my beloveds. All of these things get in the way of these higher efforts. You must be prepared to work diligently, do not seek as a motivation the rewards of recognition. Humility is a must.

And you must also accept that there is a possibility, that despite your greatest efforts, there may not be success. So you see, the possibilities are there for success. And yet considering the conditions of this world, there is a possibility of failure. So my beloveds, what is your desire, what is your desire? What is a burning passion within your soul? These things will inform how you will proceed and what will unfold. For we in spirit can assist you in many many ways, and the gift of Direct Voice is within our grasp, but is it within your grasp? I speak seriously to you my beloveds. For this is a very serious matter requiring a great deal of effort on both your part and ours. And if we are to enter into this partnership, we must understand and acknowledge what is required. And you know that we desire to work with you, you know that there is a great effort afoot to bring about the Truth of Divine Love into this world, to have it known in this world. There are many avenues to this, possibilities, paths to follow, events which lead one to another, opportunities set forth by God. And by desiring Direct Voice, you are reaching for a very challenging effort. If successful it will bring a wealth of rewards, but you are indeed reaching high and I want you to know the seriousness of this commitment and what is required.

I am excited by this, my soul leaps with your tentative desire to enter into this agreement, to commit yourself upon this course and many of us on our side feel hope and enthusiasm for the possibilities that may unfold in this effort. And I wish for you to continue to consider this commitment, this seriousness and effort that must be given towards this and the efforts that you must make from this day on to prepare to be in the right condition. For we may work with ease upon each of you as you are team. Those of you who will be selectedmust have a great loyalty to your project together. You must not have any strife amongst you, you must be prayerful and focused and disciplined.

Yes these challenges are great, but indeed you must see it as an opportunity to further grow in your own spiritual development and soul awakening. For the challenges will be put forth before you. Challenges that you cannot avoid or hide from, but must be met. And as you venture forward upon this particular path, we will be quite honest with you my beloveds, in terms of for your own spiritual condition that you bring into the group that you will be forming. This is not for beginners, amateurs, those who are loosely committed to Divine Love, no. This requires full commitment, this requires living the laws of God’s creation of His Love, as fully and completely as you can. Not comprising, not allowing the conditions of this world to infiltrate and change your moods and your thoughts, no my beloveds. This is saying: “I have committed myself to you Dear Father, all of myself and I will live in this Light, this Grace, this Love. I will act accordingly. I will shake off the vestiges of my human condition; I will seek the highest always. And I will commit myself to the Truth. To spreading the Truth, to learning the Truth, to living the Truth.” And of course these words have many layers to them, your capacity to live the Truth comes in increments and steps towards it. You my beloveds have made great strides towards Truth. Very often you are in the Light, but still you continue to indulge yourselves in negativity. You have your weaknesses, as do all mortals. Yet as long as you make these great efforts, we will continue to support and commit to your venture, our venture.

We are not so harsh, that we would not forgive lapses, no, Love always forgives. But we will bring to your attention when you indulge yourselves in conditions that are not in harmony with this venture. Or if you are to commit to these efforts, you must be willing to hear the Truth. And to know the Truth about yourself, again a great leap forward, reaching for the highest. This is not easy; this is very difficult. Yet with the Love burning within your souls and conscious commitment towards this venture, you will overcome any and all hurdles within your way. How quickly you do so will determine the depth of the success of this venture and the timing of it.

Remember you are always Loved by God and that we always support and Love you, beloveds. And you know the Truth, you are not ignorant, you are well educated upon this path. You have been blessed countless times by God. You have what is required to make your efforts successful. The only thing that holds you back is your willingness to be distracted, to indulge negative thoughts and emotions and to dive into the human condition when you have all the ways and means to be above this condition. Your needs are provided for, God’s Love surrounds you, the angels are with you, your souls burn bright with Love. You have all that is required. Yet that part of you, that humanness, those old habits of the mind, those desires of the flesh continue to harass you. You have not made a great enough effort to extinguish these conditions within you - even though this is clearly within your reach. And so we patiently wait in Love, in compassion and understanding of the challenges that you face.

But I ask you my friends, how long will it take before you come to realize the beauty of your true selves before you come to truly Love the creation that is you. Where you come to see the world through eyes of the soul and move through the world utilizing the great wisdom and soul perceptions that are clearly within you. We see these gifts and perceptions within your soul and yet you, like all of humanity, cling resolutely to the conditions of your mind and the perceptions of reality of your mind, for fear if you let go you will plunge into some delusional disorienting condition. But know that you will dive into your soul and no clearer perception of reality is there than the perceptions of the soul, the mind of the soul, the reality of the soul.

Consider these things my friends before you step forward into this ambitious goal and project. Take a good look within and ask yourself: “Am I ready, am I ready to commit, am I ready to let go of those things that will hold me from this. Am I ready to step forward and work with my angel friends for this great goal. Is this something I want? Is this something that I wish to develop in service to God?” For if the answer is yes, then we will with wonderful gracious enthusiasm support you in your project. For we await those opportunities in which we can work together to bring about wondrous gifts to humanity, gifts that will bear fruit of Truth and Love and change for the world.

And I reiterate, you are loved no matter what choices you make, you are loved and we will never leave you and you are never alone. You are loved. God bless you, I am Seretta Kem and I look forward to the opportunities in working with you in this way. I stand by your side awaiting your commitment, and that commitment is reflected by your actions, your thoughts and your prayers. God bless you. God bless you.

Note 1 This is a reference to a project begun but not completed many years previously by Alec Gaunt.