Messages 2017

Alec shares his frustrations with the first D. V. project

June 12th, 2017

Received by Al Fike.

Gibsons, B.C. Canada.

So you have wanted to hear from your old friend, Alec? I will keep my comments short as you must now realize, Seretta Kem, who is indeed a powerful and very advanced soul, is in charge of your development at this time and of this project. I am with you. I have never left you. I continue to assist you in all of your struggles and advancements and situations in life because as you know we are bonded. I am your brother. I love you dearly. There are many angels who are in the background at this time who are very eager to assist and do so in many ways.

My ambition towards direct voice was a powerful motivator for me. I started my spiritual path through spiritualism and understood that physical manifestation was and still is one of the prime ways that those who have no spiritual inclinations may come to understand the power, the truth of the spirit world and the path that we all travel from the physical life to the spirit life. When I discovered Divine Love and grew in this Love, I wished to combine these two truths and ambitions into one, to bring the high teachers through and direct voice was my ambition.

The greatest flaw in this effort was that I carried this almost single handedly although I certainly had my assistants and those who prayed with me and shared my enthusiasm. We were not able to bring those gifts through because as a group we lacked the soul development to allow this power to manifest as we so desired. But you, my beloveds, those of you who have elected to come together indeed have a great deal of power, a great deal of Divine Love within your souls. Continue to develop and have higher ambitions. These will in many ways ensure a quick and easy road yet there are a number of things that must be taken into consideration and a great deal of commitment made. I would suggest you listen to our dear brother Seretta Kem’s messages carefully. Listen to them more than once. Take in the nuances. Consider what he is saying carefully. Continue to pray for the Divine Love. That is the key to all as you well know. Do not worry about the details. You know the path you must take, and you will take it willingly. Be strong, be loving to one another, be confident that you will have success, be at peace. Know that you come into this informed and will continue to be guided. Nothing will be left to chance, beloveds. You are well taken care of, in very good hands indeed. The Love will flow in everything.

God bless you. I am Alec. I am with you always. God bless you.