Messages 2017

God will bring forth new light into this world

December 1st, 2017

Gibsons, B. C. Canada

Received by Al Fike.


God bless you, I am Isaiah. Yes, my brethren, the world is about to change for God is bringing the impetus for change in His blessings for mankind and for this world. For most of mankind is asleep. They slumber in their illusions. They slumber because they cannot see beyond the material world. They do not understand their true natures. They do not see that they are children of God. They cannot recognize their true selves, their souls, for they lack faith and trust in their Creator. So God has a plan to awaken mankind. God will carry mankind to a place beyond their slumbers where they must awaken, for the conditions of this world that are coming will shake them awake and will bring them to a place where they must recognize who they truly are.

This is the power of God’s Touch upon humanity and you, my children, you continue to awaken. You seek to awaken and you do not trust the illusions of the human condition because you begin to trust in the Hand of God and His Truths of creation. Step forth, beloved souls, and ring the toll - the toll that says a flood is coming, a flood of change, a flood of new awakenings and understandings. As God gifts humanity with this great choice to come to Him or to perish, with all that which is of the human condition, those souls who reject the Hand of God will find their lives within the world of spirit. Those who turn their eyes to God will be given fresh eyes, a new world where they may choose to follow the Will of God and be guided forth in new Light and new understanding that all the inventions and contrivances of mankind may come into a new understanding that is in harmony with God’s Creation. There are many things possible, new understandings brought forth, new ideas, new awareness, for the souls of mankind will be ignited, will be awakened and from this a new world brought forth.

It is sad, but many will not accept this invitation. So the world will not be filled with mankind as it is today. The world will be a different place where the numbers of your brothers and sisters, though greatly reduced, will roam this world with greater freedom, greater wisdom and understanding. Thus God will give them what is required to build their world anew, a world with greater Light and greater harmony. This will not happen in an instant, but it will happen in time as things settle, as efforts are made, as the will of mankind and the gifts of mankind are enacted and established in greater harmony with God.

Those of you that are the vanguards to this great change will be protected. God’s plan will bring you to safety and to a place where you may bring the Truth and counsel those who are open and willing to receive this Truth. There will be others who God is preparing who will have the gifts to be inspired and guided to bring about what is planned by God. Each of you are His servants. Each of you have a role to play, a place within this plan. Thus you must be willing and open to the possibilities that lay before you. Do not let your minds get ahead of you, my beloveds, but allow your souls to continue to expand and forment in the Love. The answers will be given in this way as your gifts increase, your understanding deepens and your love grows.

You have been brought together at this time for a purpose. You continue to strengthen the bonds between you. You have been given great opportunity and great blessings. Allow the Light to wash over you and cleanse your being that you may rise up in Light and allow the wonderment of your soul to be present in your lives and consciousness. You awaken slowly, my friends. You come to know your true selves and you come to see honestly those things within you that are not of God. So it will be for mankind, a reckoning of sorts, where honesty and truthfulness, deep perception and awareness will come to each soul that they may see for themselves the recklessness of the will of man and they will turn to the Will of God. This is your challenge, my beloved souls, to face yourself in Truth, to be strong enough to let go of those things within you that are not in harmony with Love. For if you are to be leaders in this world, so you must be an example of such. It cannot be any other way. Each day is a test and a challenge, each moment an opportunity to increase your light, to allow the Love of God to infill you. Though you may be distracted by the conditions of this world and the demands of this world, within your souls you are coming to a place of greater harmony and greater Love. Allow this to be your mantra: “To love, to love, to love. I am a child of God and I am a channel of Love.”

God bless you, beloved souls. God bless you and keep you close to Him in this beautiful Light. God bless you.