Messages 2017

Seretta Kem gives instructions for D.V. preparation

June 12th, 2017

Received by Al Fike.

Gibsons, B.C. Canada.

Good morning, I am Seretta Kem. Yes, this instrument has experienced problems with his vision and knows these things will be corrected in time. It is an indication of a need to adjust certain aspects of the blood and to put limitations upon the physical exertion for he is no longer a young man, though not old, certainly not in his opinion (smiling). He is experiencing some limitations and he must respect these limitations and he must understand that there are solutions to these problems, physical imbalances and weaknesses. Certainly an overhaul of diet would be very beneficial. He understands that his lack of physical exercise in the last little while has had its price upon his body. Exercise is also very important as it is with all of you.

We are pleased that you have read some articles about Direct Voice, informing you as to what the possibilities are and we will be utilising both ectoplasm and photoplasm in our efforts. Now, we would like you to continue studying and discussing these issues amongst yourselves and we are happy that the dear soul far away (H) is continuing to research these trails of information that are available and this instrument is correct in his assessment that the Divine Love in your souls will indeed accelerate the process and make much of it far easier than what is described by these articles. This is not to say that it is without challenges. Indeed, we have asked you and continue to remind you, that it is important to build up your physical, spiritual and emotional condition. Keep your thoughts on a higher plane. Focus your thoughts upon these goals that are coming. Do not entertain doubt or negativity towards us but positive thinking and positive reflections upon the goal of Direct Voice is beneficial. Prayer is necessary. Being in harmony will help you to reach closer to your goals. When you start to fall back into negative thinking and emotions of anger, judgments, say a prayer. Stop yourselves, for these old habits are but habits of mind and you have come to a level of maturity where you can control your thoughts, your emotions and redirect them in positive ways. If you have trouble, say a prayer, ask for help and help will be given.

As this instrument has perceived, there will be attempts to disrupt, forays of negativity impinging upon your feelings of good will and positivity and love, for the dark spirits do indeed work against you as they do upon all humanity. But remember, you have the help of the angels, you are protected and guided. It is only when you let negativity in, and those cracks appear and the darkness seeps in that it has any effect upon you. For you truly are not vulnerable to these dark forces. You are only vulnerable to your old habits and reactions to those situations which invariably come up in life. So, this is where discipline and choice come into play. You must choose to love, choose to be somewhat detached from these situations; these dust clouds of negativity that drift into your life and into your mind.

When you choose something as sophisticated as Direct Voice, you have made a commitment to be more sophisticated within yourself, your thinking, your emotions and your way of being in the world. For each of you knows truth, understands the Laws of Divine Love and have experienced many, many aspects of this truth and applied them within your life. Again, it is merely a matter of choice, whether you will continue to apply and exert the power of the Truth and the power of Love within your life, for the power is there, it is all around you, it is within you and you breathe it my beloveds. You are in the flow of God’s Love.

So, this time of preparation is also a time of testing yourself to see how long you can sustain a harmonious condition within yourself and to reinforce again and again your connection with your Creator, to be in the flow of His Love, to walk in the Light of His Love. Yes, this is a very big test, my beloveds. It’s a test that you may fail again and again. But as you pick yourselves up and make that choice for Light those durations of periods of darkness become smaller and smaller until they disappear altogether. When you are confronted by a situation that would in the past cause reactivity within you that would be negative and you see that you are not affected, that you glide over this situation and feel love, compassion and you have a sense of wisdom and knowing how to bring harmony. This is a sure sign of your own progression and your choice for light.

The world has not changed, my beloveds, no, but you have changed. You will continue to change and shift in your thinking and your feelings and your doings and your capacity to love, your capacity to understand in a true and deep way, to express true wisdom, to know what is truth and to discern what truth is. So, if you elect to carry this gift of Direct Voice into the world, all of these attributes, gifts and capacities must be at a higher level. You must be strong, in the light, discerning, journeying, steadfast in the truth and loving at all times. For you will encounter many challenges upon this road. You must be strong, forthright and unambiguous about the truth. For as you carry this lantern, this very bright and beautiful lantern, you must have the strength to hold your arm up high, to shine this light over great distances, to walk upon that path, guided by God and to not compromise. And within you, within your souls is all that you require to do this. Now comes a time when you must put aside those conditions of the mind that are counter-productive and in error and completely align yourself with truth, with God and with this great purpose.

There is often a great resistance within the souls of humanity to lay down these often cherished conditions that are not truly in harmony with love, to come back to innocence, to walk in this pure light, and to be strong, perceptive and humble. Yet with the Divine Love within your souls, beloveds, you have the strength that is required. Again it comes down to choice. How much am I going to allow myself to love, to choose light, and to let go of that which is not in harmony with these things?

God encourages you forward. You have an army of angels accompanying you upon this journey. Your souls have been touched deeply with the love. All of these things create a powerful light, a compelling path and yet the most powerful element of all is your free will, your choice. So, we must keep reminding you of this — that every moment is a choice. Every thought is a choice, my beloveds. Every breath is a breath in the light of God or in the world of man. For to be the instrument that you aspire to be, to bring these truths as you so desire to do, to walk in light and be an example of the truth requires a deep, a deep and abiding desire and choice to do so. This desire is certainly harboured within your souls. It is bursting; the soul wants to come forth into your conscious, living self and into your life. There is nothing to hold this back. It will come in time, but that timing is predicated upon the level of your resistance, the level of your commitment, the level for yourself, for God and for Truth.

Take time to contemplate this, my beloveds, to honestly see where you stand in this challenge to be in the light. For you cannot move forward without a true and deep commitment, a passionate desire to do so.

May the flame within your soul be the flame of desire and passion within your conscious mind. May you walk in this truth, in alignment, in harmony, in a powerful light, a light blessed by God, a light that is generated by your own soul and a light that will bring change within your being outside of your being and spreading out into this world. May you be filled with the joy and the knowledge that you truly are a child of God and that you live the Truth of His Love. All else will fall into place as you grow in your acceptance of the Truth and your capacity to express the Truth, that your life may truly be a life lived in love and that you know what this means and what this is.

You are loved, my beloveds, you know love, you are love. Please be love in everything you do and everything you think, everything you are. Allow this love within your soul to infiltrate every part of your being that it may be expressed in all its power and glory, beauty and light, and so shall it be for God has blessed you and God shall continue to fill you up with love.

God bless you. I am Seretta Kem and thank you for listening. I will continue to bring guidance for you, to help you upon this journey in preparation. Remember, that though you think you have much time, you really do not. This time will go by very quickly and then you will be together. Glean as much light as you can. Gather the jewels of truth within you. Be prepared for much is coming, truly, you have no idea of what is to come. Be in the love, my beloveds. God bless you. I am Seretta Kem and I love you and guide you. God bless you.