Messages 2017

Its not about the words

September 28th, 2017

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike


God bless you, beloveds. I am Judas and I have observed your progress and your efforts to bring the Truth of Divine Love to the world. I am often with you when you read those messages that I transmitted through that medium and I try to impress upon you the depth of the Truth conveyed. I wish to speak today upon the subject of community.

Ideally you would all want those who you associate with to agree with your perspectives of Truth, to have a joyful recognition of one another that is easily obtained because there is familiarity and commonality amongst you. This is a human trait, to draw together those who have a common awareness and a similar personality. Yet this is not particularly easy to do in this wide world of yours for there are many personalities, individualities, perspectives and ideas which come from individual experience and the assessment of each unique spiritual journey forming many opinions and thoughts within the mind. So despite your yearnings for a fulfilling friendship with each individual you meet, these desires are often thwarted by some differences in your ideas and understandings through your conversations.

Yet you often come together in harmony. There is a depth of respect and acceptance amongst you which comes with Love within your soul expressing itself to one another, a desire to be in community, to form a sort of family in which you may work together and trust one another and to see eye to eye as you say. But I tell you that soon the time will come when you will be associating with many, many different personalities, with many, many different viewpoints and though you may want to have a situation that is easy to navigate in this world, I am afraid this is not possible. Yet God asks you to embrace all you meet, to bring the Love within your soul forward into the world and to make those efforts that will forge connections with many people, to walk in humility without judgement, without fear, to be strong within your soul where that strength and Love abides. So when you go out into the world you are able and willing to reach out to many. In this you give your message of Truth, you radiate the Light and the Love and many feel this. It perks up their interest and their curiosity.

Though you may feel a responsibility to bring this Truth to every individual whom you meet in a conscious way, speaking this Truth with your words is a noble motivation. Yet in many ways what you speak has little affect on the individual. But I tell you, what you are has a greater impact, the Light that you carry brings a power. It is like a bell tolling and that sound reverberates within the soul of another and ignites a desire within the other individual. Though their minds may not accept your simple words, the soul yearns, it awakens that yearning as God uses you as His channel of Love. 

So, my friends, beloved souls all, remember that the community in which you reside is a community of all who are in this world. You are brothers and sisters, and each of you brings a gift, a Light, a Truth which some may find attractive and together you become a powerful force to bring Truth to the world. We are encouraging you to grow your souls, to expand the Light within your souls through the prayer for God’s Love that will amplify the Truth within you and the Light within you. In this way it will touch others and this, my beloved beautiful friends, is the way in which God will use you to spread the Truth of Divine Love in the world.

It has little to do with words and yet in your world words are so important and given such importance. But you forget that it is what is deep within your soul that has a true power. As you continue to forge closer to God, to seek deeper Truth within, to be in greater harmony with all that is God’s Creation, you bring the Truth with you in very simple ways, expressed in all that you do. This lights the lamp which shines upon your brothers and sisters. There are times when what you say is important indeed but without that Light within, without that pure motivation and desire to bring Truth in, to be a channel of God’s Will and Truth and Love, there is little impact.  But as you build that foundation within, as the Light grows within, the words that you speak will have deeper meaning and will be amplified by the Light within your soul. So your desire to speak to others, to bring this Truth, will be realized as you continue to grow within your souls. 

There is no need to feel an urgency, to try and hurry up the process in some way. No, this is always in God’s Will and Timing. The only urgency is that you continue to pray for the Father’s Love with ever greater intensity for this determines what outcomes may come to be. God does not force anything upon you. God merely points the direction, inspires your efforts, blesses, blesses you so that you may be strong and in the Light. Then those things that you desire to do, those things that you are meant to do, will fall into place and will find their mark and flow readily through you. It will not be a struggle. It will be a joyful expression of your soul. Many gifts will come in this way and in this you will embrace many, for you will abandon those old ideas of your mind and embrace the new birth of your soul. This will bring different awarenesses, different ideas, a different reality and in this reality you will have the capacity to recognize the beauty of every soul you encounter and not allow those differences that may cause obstructions now to be so. You will find that place where once you experienced and felt and thought, there will be a deep compassion, a desire to give Love, a desire to give Truth in whatever way is meant to be.

When you embrace another it will be a meaningful embrace, an embrace of Love, an embrace that has an impact in many different ways. In this you will have done your work for the Heavenly Father. You will have brought forth a Light, an invitation to the soul that is unique, and they will respond accordingly. This will give you great joy, my friends, great joy. As your life enters into the great flow of the river of God’s Love, as you wade deeper into that river and the current carries you along to many, many different souls and experiences and opportunities and the strength of your own faith, your trust in the Will of God, your deeper awareness of your own self and the power of the Love that resides within will be all that you carry in this flow and all that you need.

May your souls continue to expand in the Father’s Love. May you continue to yearn intensively for His Touch of Love, to walk in that Light always, my friends. We in the Celestial Kingdom will walk with you every step of the way. You are never alone. You will never be alone or forsaken. No, beloved souls, what will happen will be a closer communion not only with God but with us and with many souls in this world in which you live. It will be a joyful, fulfilling life filled with a community of Light all around you, a recognition of the souls in which you are a part of in this great family of Light and Love.

Your minds will acquiesce to the desires and power of your souls. This is happening now and will continue to happen so that there will be an integration of both parts of yourself in a way that is harmonious and beautiful. All those judgements, all those fears, all those projections and confusing ideas will fall away where a Truth so harmonious, simple and powerful will inform your perceptions and awareness as the faculties of your soul emerge and dominate your consciousness. There will be no error or lack of Love but a great sense and overwhelming feeling of Love for others and for yourself. Thus your work will expand and unfold informed by the power of Love, the power of your own soul, informed by God. So it will go, my friends, as you continue to awaken and understand the Truth in its powerful and simple ways.

This is not complicated. Your life will not be complicated. It will be simple and each step will be informed by God. Your awareness will blossom and you will have such a capacity to understand Truth, to know God, that there will be no questioning, only joyful acknowledgement as God imbues within your consciousness the wonderment of His Creation, the Laws that He has created to bring Love and harmony. When you speak of these Truths that you understand, informed by the power of Love within your soul, many will listen to you, many will hear your words and begin within themselves to understand what you speak of, igniting the flames and burning the lamp brightly in the world.

So you are on the verge of this. There are still some things that hold you back, bring some reticence, often curiosity and a desire to know within your material mind the details. Yet you know in that other place within you that all is unfolding in God’s Plan and that you continue to grow and unfold in this Plan, this wondrous Plan. So as God desires for the salvation of mankind, you are finding your own salvation in your prayers for Divine Love. You are an expression of what God has in mind for each soul in this world, a joyful, beautiful, blessed soul in the world.

May you continue, beloved souls, upon this journey, to wade within the river of His Love, to be with many souls and build this great community, this wonderful family of Love touching many, many souls as you journey forth. Such a gift and an opportunity which you have readily accepted will continue to journey, your eyes opening, your experiences expanding, your understanding deepening so that you will know God’s Intentions for you, His Plan for you. It is a glorious Plan, beloved souls. May you come to know it intimately and accept it wholeheartedly, for all is in Love and in harmony.

Bless you on your journey. May God keep you well in His Light. May His Love continue to flow into your souls. May your eyes continue to open and the joy within may well up and bring to you such a wonderful condition of Light, excitement, acceptance, and strength. God bless you. I am Judas. I too continue to be with you in this world. God bless you, beloveds. I love you.