Messages 2017

A Kiss of Love

May 19th, 2017

Bend, Oregon. U.S.A

Received by Al Fike


May the Holy Spirit touch your souls, beloveds, that you may open and flower to this Holy Touch. As God places His Hand upon you and reaches to give you a kiss, a kiss of Love, a kiss of acknowledgement, as He embraces your precious soul, for each of you are His children, His creation of Love. And each of you have within you the ability, the perception, to know this Truth deep within you, to acknowledge the beauty of your own creation, and to open yourselves, putting aside those human conditions that you may feel the rapturous communion with your God, who always awaits those moments of true connection, of Love.

You are held at this time my beloveds, in this Grace, this Peace that passes all understanding. Drink deep these living waters of Love, for they are the food for the soul. They will heal all, all things within you that are not of Love. God’s Living Waters pour into the vessel of your soul beloveds, bringing deep joy and peace, showing you the way home, to the Light that you seek, the true joy that comes with the soul unburdened and enwrapped in God’s Love.

God will carry you my beloveds, He carries you, uplifts you, Loves you. All your needs will be cared for. All your burdens lifted. All your questions answered. All your desires that are true and of the soul, fulfilled. It comes with the out-pouring of His Love into you, and that flow is never ending, that journey infinite, that knowing expanding on forever. Feel His Touch my beloveds, and know that you are loved beyond measure. Know that you are loved. God bless you. I am Andrew and I love you.