Messages 2017

Pray for Love; Blossom in Love

June 5th, 2017

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike.


I am Stephen, known as St. Stephen while on earth and I have not spoken through this instrument before. You will find that as you come together in these Circles of Love that many new angels will speak, for we are preparing this instrument and those who are associated with him for the gift of direct voice. So there will be many who have not spoken who will come to add their energies and blessings to this venture and will give guidance towards this effort.

Beloved souls, you are embraced by God. Beloved souls, this is what you seek and this is God’s Response. You are embraced and blessed and your souls open wide open to this great Blessing, this powerful Gift, the Gift that brings redemption, joy and Truth from within. With each prayer that you make that beseeches God to put His Blessing within your soul, you will find that He will embrace you, uplift and bring you close and that angels will surround you and Love will envelop you. This is what you seek, beloved souls, to be uplifted from the conditions in this world, to find peace, to find nourishment for your souls, to find healing of your bodies, to be in this blissful Light, to let go of all your worries and cares, to be with your Heavenly Father, who loves you more than you can know.

Allow this Gift to enter you, my beloved souls, allow His Peace to wash over you and allow this Light to infuse you. You are truly lifted up and embraced in Love. The wellspring washes over you, beloveds. Drink deep, be at peace. Know that you are loved, that you are love and bring this out into the world wherever you may go. Be this wellspring of Love and Light, beauty and peace. God shall truly bless you, beloved souls. As you have been blessed, you are blessed and you shall be blessed for all eternity.

My love is with you and I shall continue to attend your Circles of Light, as will many angels who have a great interest in your efforts, in your budding souls, seeking to blossom in Love.

God bless you, beloveds. I am Stephen and I love you. God bless you.