Messages 2017

Release self-will and embrace the perfect Will of God

March 27th, 2017

Received by: Al Fike

Gibsons, B.C. Canada


Ah, the mind does get discouraged, does it not, when those well laid plans that you make do not come to fruition. When your ambitions and desires are not met and fulfilled. When it is so difficult to understand the Will of God, to truly know the Will of God and to release your own wills and desires in favour of God’s Will and desire for you in your life. Yes, you are immersed in the complex and difficult conditions of this world, the human condition. You have been taught to exert yourself in the world, to find what you call success, to express your mindful gifts and to find acknowledgement in these efforts.

Yet God has beckoned you to transition from these mental, emotional needs and desires to a place of peace and openness to the Will of God and this is not easy, my beloveds. It is not easy to set aside all that which you have nurtured for so many years and to come to a place of peace and acceptance which then gives rise to soul awareness and understanding. For when you can come to that place of laying down your willful mind and allowing your great soul to infuse that place, that consciousness within you, thereby allowing God to communicate directly to your consciousness, your awareness and allowing God to place before you a powerful path intended and unique for you. Yes, this is difficult. This is a challenge and a challenge that many of you face at this time. You go against the will of all humanity which has built a great wave of energy, direction and purpose that is not of God but of man. Yet your minds resolutely cling to that need, that habit, that desire to be fulfilled in this way; in the way of man rather than to seek the fulfillment in the way of God. Be heartened, my children, for your souls grow in Love.

You are coming to that place of awareness, of true understanding, of migrating from the mindful reality to the soulful understanding and knowing that comes with closeness to the Creator. A blossoming of Love within you, a true and unshakeable understanding that will lead you upon the correct path, beloveds. It does not come easily. It does not come without a struggle. It does not come without you allowing the old ways and the old conditions within you, that which is of man, of the human condition, to fall away. Yet you mark your progress, beloveds, as you continue to confront these inner conditions and the conditions of the world and to make your choices for Light, for Love, to turn your face to God and embrace God as much as you are able.

What holds you back is not so much those old conditions within you as it is your willful desire to plant your feet, one within the world of man and one within the world of God. At some point you must choose. You know within your heart of hearts you will choose God. You continue to pray and long for His Love, to allow God’s great Love to infuse every part of your being, to allow the healing and reconciling of your soul to God. It takes time, and at times it is a struggle and at times it is a joy, but you are always moving forward, beloveds. You will continue to move forward. You will continue to seek the Truth and you will continue to release those conditions that are not in harmony with God’s Laws of Creation. This is inevitable upon your path for you have already chosen. Yet that part of you, so stubborn, does not fully want to commit to the reality of God, still clinging to those man made conditions brought about by generations of willfulness, choosing the ideas and desires of the mind over the perfect Will of God. Yet you, each one of you, come together in this circle because your souls have drawn you here, because you desire something different and you know there is a way out of all of these dilemmas created by man. There is a way which God has provided for each one of you upon your unique path that you may journey in Light to at-onement with your Creator.

Seek ye the Kingdom, beloveds, the Kingdom of God’s Love. All else will follow. It is indeed following and failing into place and you feel this. Though your mind struggles and you feel a sense of disconnection, of worry for your own future, a confusion regarding your priorities and what is important in your life. This is all part of the transition of your soulful light infusing your beautiful minds so that all will work in harmony and in conjunction with God’s great Will. Continue in your efforts to be in harmony with God’s Will, to be in harmony with God’s Love, to walk in Light and you will see as you progress forward that you are indeed walking upon the path meant for you and following in harmony with the plan that God has for each one of you and for the salvation of mankind. Yes, you are at the front of this line, this wave of change, and this is not easy. You will continue to struggle but upon each success and shift and healing within, you will know joy and a true awakening.

God bless you beloveds. I am James and I love you. I mark your progress. You are in the Light. You continue to be in the flow of God’s Will and this shall be more intense as time progresses within your life, here in this world and in the next. Much awaits. Do not feel discouraged my son, feel encouraged that you are shedding those old ways and soon you will see clearly the new ways that will dawn as new garments upon you. God bless you. I am with you and I love you. God bless you.