Messages 2017

Seeking Love and Light

February 23rd, 2017

Received by: Al Fike

First United Spiritualist Church, Burnaby, B.C. Canada


I am Andrew. Blessings to you who come to be together seeking Love and Light. Through your prayers you have opened a great portal of Light bringing many blessings to you and through you to this world and, by doing so, you have done a great service to many souls in this world and in spirit who are seeking the blessings of God. Within their souls they yearn for Light. You, beloved souls, who are strong and have a desire to serve and to bring Light have been used by God to answer prayer. Those who are connected to you, beloved souls, who are in need of the ministrations of God such as His Love and Healing, have been touched, have been blessed, have received Light.

So, my beloved souls, as you gather together as you do, remember, you do so for many others. This is an act of Love, an act of service, to pray for this world and all within it. To have that hope, faith and trust that as you gather together you are touching many who are in deep need, who suffer. This is a powerful statement in the world, my beloveds, to come together in this way, to say, “I know how Light can come. I want to be a part of this Light, to be a channel of Love. To come together with my brothers and sisters and seek God’s blessing. To acknowledge the power of this, the beauty of this, the wonderment of all that God has to give to every one of His dear creations, the many souls in this world and in other worlds.”

You do a service, beloved souls, and in so doing, you are blessed. You receive as you give. You are loved as you love. You are touched as you reach out and touch others in this beautiful chain of Light that connects one to another to another.

Continue, beloved souls, to pray, to long to be with God and to open yourselves to the blessings of the Essence of God, which is a Gift beyond all gifts. A Gift that changes your very nature and being as your soul becomes infilled with this wondrous blessing of Love, this Essence of God. Turned to something that is of God, in a way that cannot be done by mere effort of the mind.

No, my beloveds, this change, this healing of the soul, is true redemption and will have its effects upon your being for all eternity, this great touch of Love. A Light placed within you, beloveds that shall burn for all eternity. Never to be diminished. Always to become brighter and more beautiful as you progress towards atonement to God.

Continue, my beloveds, seek ye the Kingdom and all shall indeed come to you. God bless you. I am Andrew and I love you.