Messages 2017

Shed those things that are not of Love

January 11th, 2017

Abbotsford, B.C. Canada

Received by A.F.


I bring my blessings of love to you. Precious and beloved souls, each day you are confronted with many choices. You are challenged by the conditions of this world and yet God touches you and reaches for us to bring light to you and as you pray for the Father’s Love you receive this blessing, His touch. With this touch of Love, this opening of your soul and the awakening of your soul comes a greater sensitivity. And you become aware of your own condition, a condition of the world that every soul struggles with on their unique path of life.

Yes you see around you, my beloveds, many varied conditions, situations and dilemmas. And often you see within your own lives challenging aspects within your own selves, things that are not in harmony with the Father’s Love. This makes for a struggle as we ask of you to rise above the conditions of this world, to seek light, to be a channel of God’s Love. At times you compare yourselves with this request; you compare yourself with the loving presence of the angels and the flow of God’s Love that is all around you. At times you do not see yourselves in a favourable light. You are aware of those things within you that are a struggle, that continue to have a hold on to your soul condition and inhibit your soul progression. You are human, a mortal in the flesh, in this world, a world that is beset by layers and layers of the human condition.

And yet within your soul is a light. Within you is a strong desire for light, to receive God’s Love, to know His presence in your lives, to be a light and a channel of Love. And I beseech you, beloved souls, to continue in this effort, to rise above the conditions of this world, to pray evermore fervently for the blessings and touch of God’s Love within your souls so that these conditions of which you are aware may fall away and you find yourselves in a place of joyful freedom, a place of purity and a place where you are not overwhelmed by these conditions of mankind.

And this, as you well know, comes with prayer, seeking your connection with God. And having trust and faith that God will indeed heal you of all these things that are not of Him and allow you to walk beyond those conditions that have accumulated within your soul and being, those thoughts that are of error, and those feelings that are of fear and those reactions that are of anger. Beloved souls, continue in your efforts. Allow yourselves to walk boldly into light; do not let your perceptions and your sensitivities which give you a sense of the darkness in this world, do not let these things be a burden to you, my beloveds. For a soul in light is a soul that emanates joy and wisdom, truth and love. This is an incremental unfolding and opening of the channel of God’s Love within you. You must be patient, you must forgive yourselves and allow the power of God’s Love to burn away these impurities, to open the way for this path of light to be the predominant focus of your lives.

This is not easy, but you will indeed find your way and shed those conditions that are not in harmony with God. You must rely on the power of His touch and the peace that comes and the joy that wells up within you. And this comes to you most often and it will continue to come in ever-greater measure until it is indeed who you are and how you are in the world. Beloved souls, seek the Love of God and all else will follow in harmony and in a beautiful unfolding and a shedding of those things that are not of Love. God Bless you. I am Luke and I love you, I love you dearly, more in the light this moment, drink deep of the Father’s Love. God bless you.