Messages 2017

Soul Longing is Prayer

May 21st, 2017

Bend, Oregon, U.S.A.

Received by A.F.


May the Father’s Love find a constant inflowing into your souls, my beloveds. May you find what your souls seek, for this is what God beckons you to do, to come to know the longings of your souls, to come to know God in this way. For in truth, the mind has very little to do with the spiritual progression of the soul. All those speculations and doctrines are somewhat irrelevant, for the soul knows how to go to God. The soul longs to be with God. Your souls long to be with God.

May God uplift you from the human condition, those conditions of thought and emotions made by mankind, produced from each in this world and which often create a barrier to God. For when you pray with earnestness, when you long to be with God, you clear away these myths (mists) of thoughts, and a clear day comes upon you and you are touched within your soul.

It is your longing, beloved souls - it is that desire within your soul that beseeches God to respond, for this is a law. Prayer is an expression of your soul longing. Prayer is the conduit from which you connect with God when you are open within yourself, when you allow yourself to feel that longing rising up within, beseeching God to be with you, to Love you, to heal you, to bring His Peace upon you. How many books, and how many words are necessary when this true longing goes forth from you? This act is simple. This act is honest. There is no obfuscation, no blurring of the Truth in this simple desire, this longing in prayer to be with God.

So you may study a thousand books, a million books, but this will not bring you to God, my beloveds. It may, at times, clear away some of the obstacles, but it is your willingness to go to God, trusting, opening, feeling what is there, in this Divine connection that will bring your soul to this awakening. It is personal, beautiful, infinite. What more do you need, my beloveds? The knowledge of the world is as nothing when you have this relationship with God, for all else pales in comparison. All else is as nothing, for it is in forging this relationship with your Creator that will carry you through, not only in life here in this world, but will carry you far into the next until you come to that threshold of the Celestial Heavens and enter therein, at-one with God. Yet, even this is the beginning of the journey that never ends.

The only things that you take with you when you pass into spirit is your soul and your spirit. Here life on earth is fleeting and what you accumulate here does not form your experiences in the next world because you cannot take those things of the material with you. But you do take those acts of Love, a generous heart, a life well lived in the flow of Love. You carry these things with you and they bring Light and Grace into your life, into the next life. And when you acknowledge your soul as you are in this prayer, you bring the highest blessing of God’s Love. This shall give you a great opening, an awareness, a gift of life. It will begin to re-make your soul, to transform your being and heal all the burdens and this will bring you into the higher spheres of Light, my beloveds. It will allow you to side step many layers of spirit that are not of Light, that are imbued with challenges. Yet many in this world are not aware of this, they give this no thought whatsoever.

What am I creating in my life? Where does this lead me? What are the consequences of my thoughts and my actions? There are, of course, consequences in this world, but do you consider the consequences that come in the next? For you carry every thought and action within you. Your capacity to love directly informs where you will be in the world of spirit when you pass. Those thoughts and actions may weigh upon you or bring you joy, depending, in part, what they contain, what your choices have been in this world.

I ask you to consider these things, my friends. What are your desires and intentions? How do you act, what do you think? Are your thoughts and actions informed by Love or things of the flesh and the material? For much of the conditions of this world detract from your own spiritual inner harmony and your overt actions. And so you must, if you so desire, seek for something higher, bring yourself to a place of Light, of Love, and the power of God’s Divine Love. This great Blessing can fuel your intentions, your thoughts, your actions in a way that brings more harmony and Light and Truth into your life. God provides all that you require, beloved souls. If you but open yourself to this flow of Love, Healing , Truth, Peace and Comfort, that God wishes to give to each one, here and in this world.

Too often man wishes to be independent, thinking this is strength, this is the measure of a man. And yet it is that vulnerability, that willingness to go to God, to seek the help of God, to seek the blessings of God, that brings true strength, true perception, a deeper capacity to Love and to bring greater harmony into your life. And this, so very few understand - so very few.

Mankind has created a great folly in this world and has built up for himself a world that is not in harmony with God’s Creation, that will inevitably crumble. For those things that are not in harmony with God cannot last, they cannot last. But when you build your foundation upon the rock of God’s Existence, and Love and Truth, you have built something that will last for all eternity. Come to know God, my beloveds, come to know the Truth of His Love, His Creation, the harmony that comes with His beautiful, intricate world. You will know a deep joy, abiding peace, a never ending flow of Love that will become more precious to you than any material accumulations you may bring to yourself. Life will become simple, your desires different. What brings you joy, what brings you fulfillment, will be born within the Truth of God’s Love and Creation and bring great harmony within and without.

Can you live in this simple way, my beloveds, can you try? Are you able to cast off the vestiges of materialism, the fear that you will want for something? For God provides for your needs. This does not mean you will live a life of deprivation, no my beloveds, but what will become fulfilling will be different from most who find and seek to fulfill their appetites. You will have an appetite, my beloveds, but it will be an appetite of the soul. You will be ravenous for the Love of God and His Touch. It will be what fills you and fulfills you.

I urge you to continue to pray together for His Love and Touch. I urge you to continue to discuss these issues that are so relevant to your lives, to the life of humanity in this world; to study how you may forge a greater relationship with your Creator and to pray to get there and assert your desire to be close to God. To pray individually, each and every day, a simple and heartfelt prayer. “Father let me know of your Existence, of your Love, open my soul to the inflowing of your Divine Essence, help me to change, to come into more harmony, to be at peace”. And with this simple prayer, a whole world will open to your consciousness, a world that is not transient, built upon error, a world that is solid and real, purposeful and beautiful.

Thank you for coming together, my beloved students. Thank you for praying, for making that effort. I will continue to come and teach. I will impress upon each one of you, more Truths. You will know this inspiration in a conscious way and my love will be with you.

God’s Love surrounds you beloveds. Walk in this Love, walk in this Love, the world needs more who will walk in Love . God bless you. God bless you, I am Augustine and I love you.