Messages 2017

The Soul Mind Should Complement the Material Mind

September 15th, 2017

Gibsons, B. C.

Received by A.F.


Spirit: Icarius Medium: Al Fike Date: September 15, 2017 Location: Gibsons, BC

May you receive a constant inflowing to your souls, my beloved friends. For through this gift emerges all the powerful gifts of the soul. In this blessing comes the awakening of consciousness and the understanding of God’s Laws and Truths. The seed of awareness blossoms into true understanding. I am Icarius and I have come to speak to you about the blending of the mind of the soul and the material mind.

Since you are curious about this you often struggle between the will of your material mind and the understanding that comes with the soul awakened and the soul mind activated. God gave you many gifts, did He not? The gift of your material mind is a powerful gift. It allows you to understand the material world, to navigate in this world, to be able to reason and solve whatever situation or problem or opportunity may come your way. It is a blessing, a beautiful blessing.

But many believe that this is the only way to approach understanding and Truth, the way of the philosopher who analyzes and segments and puzzles over the Truth. It does indeed have its rewards. It does give clarity in some ways to the state of the world and the truth of this material plane. But it does not give a complete picture. It does not lead to higher understanding or awareness. It is thorough in its approach and many things may be understood in great detail, but it only goes so far in this understanding. When one approaches life from this perspective, it is a limiting perspective. It does not bring into play all the many beautiful awarenesses and experiences that come with the awakened soul. So the flower which is your being becomes stunted and restricted, for its roots cannot grow beyond this limited understanding –- the roots that can feed the soul and the mind and bring clarity, vast perception and Love.

So for humanity to be become a balanced creature there must be both aspects of awareness and understanding in balance together so that all of these blessings from God, these gifts that you possess, may be in harmony and balance. In this way there is a blending of these perspectives within your consciousness where the higher Truths and understandings come from the mind of the soul and the material details of life are complemented and absorbed by the soul. In this way there is a complementary functioning of your consciousness. One is not lost over the other if they are both given their positions within your awareness and there is a healthy respect and understanding of both. For a soul to become activated and its mind functioning, there must be a purity and an awareness, an acceptance of this part of your being.

Those who walk the natural path may come to that place of awareness and have many insights and experiences without the influence of Divine Love in the soul. But then again that awareness and the capacities of the soul are limited by the natural qualities of the soul. When Divine Love penetrates the soul and changes the soul, it makes it into a different creature. The possibilities of perception and awareness and understanding are unlimited for the capacity to receive Divine Love is unlimited by those who seek it with intensity and true desire.

When all of these energies and forces come together within your being, my oh my, what a dynamic being you become as all the capacities of your consciousness flourish and grow and expand. Those things, even of the material nature which you have found difficult to understand, come into clarity and focus because the power of the soul mind has an innate ability to understand, to see clearly as the soul expands in Love. So the ability of the mind follows in this Light and awakening. Nothing is lost, my beloveds, in this process of awakening and the transformation of your soul with Divine Love. No, a great deal is gained. Your ability to understand on all of these levels becomes easier and more fluid and natural. You do not have to exert great energy to understand a Truth. A Truth comes as a gift from God, it flies into your soul with the reception of the Divine Love, the Essence of God.

If only mankind could understand that to develop all of their capacities, each and every part of their being and bring this into harmony, that the answers that they seek, whether they be scientific or spiritual or mundane could be gleaned so much more readily as the Love within governs and brings into play the harmony that is required as all aspects of your being come together and are synthesized into one consciousness. Yet humanity continues to segregate these parts of themselves, to hold back in some way so that there is an imbalance and a difficulty, a barrier to this beautiful synthesized understanding of the world and of God’s Creation and of the Heavenly Father and His part in this glorious life.

So as you continue to grow in Love and you continue to parse together an understanding of the world, of the Truth of God, please come to know that in time all of these elements within yourself will come together in harmony because this is what must happen as the Divine Love brings harmony within you. It must be so and it will be so, but you cannot expect this synthesis to happen overnight, it happens gradually, it happens incrementally. As you experience many things in your prayers, in your wonderings of the world it comes, it all falls into place. With the awakening of the soul comes a great and powerful awareness of the mind. So God gives to you in many ways my friends, many ways and all that you are and all these capacities and potentials continue to come together to form your being that is growing and changing, evolving and learning. Yes, someday soon you will truly understand and accept the wonderment of God’s Creation. You will come to know your true selves in this evolved, sophisticated way. Many gifts are coming for each one of you as you continue to allow the Love to not only purify your being and heal those things that are not in harmony but also to expand your consciousness so that you may truly see with eyes of the soul, perceptions and understandings that you feel are beyond you at this time but will indeed come into focus with more gifts, more touches of pure and wondrous clarity.

Continue to pray for this Love, to seek it with all your heart and soul and these things will come and be a part of you forever. God bless you. God bless you. I am Icarius. I am glad to return to speak to you in this way. I love you.

Many more spirits are coming to speak as you continue to pray together and seek to know the Truth to be educated in this way. Remember there is so much more to know and to understand. As we impart to you these Truths, you will impart to others with a wisdom and knowing that will make it easier for others to understand. Many gifts are coming, many experiences await as the Love continues to propel you forward and your understanding and your ability to embrace others and to give the Truth in ways in which they may understand.

God bless you, beloveds. God bless you.