Messages 2017

The changes you will experience

January 23rd, 2017

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by A.F.


Each of you is on the precipice of great change. There is much happening within you that will manifest through you and around you in time and you feel the shifting and the changing energies within yourselves, within your soul. Each of you have spent many hours in prayer, have come together to receive God’s Love and have received God’s Love in abundance and this brings a result. It brings change within you, a shifting of the very core of your being as has been promised and guided. So your perspective changes, what is important changes - priorities, focus and service. All of these things become illuminated by the Love that is in your souls. These shifts of perception and attitude filter up through your minds and as you are in transition, as you absorb and adjust to these new conditions within you, you often feel discomfort, somewhat challenged and maybe confused, but I tell you my friends, you will reach a higher level of understanding and perception and gifts will flow from this in powerful and beautiful ways.

There is nothing to fear here and yet often in these states of stress and adjustment, you tend to turn upon yourself in criticism and unloving ways as those human conditions within you, which are meant to be released, come flaring up within your consciousness and give you grief. This is a pattern with most mortals as old habits and attitudes, thoughts, patterns are confronted. Those things that are not useful anymore within you, ways of coping with life, patterns of avoiding difficulties, self judgment, all these many things within you that are not compatible or harmonious with the Love, rise up into your conscious in a form of confrontation as you cling to these old things. This causes you pain, confusion, discomfort.

Change is not easy, changing some of those fundamental things within you, within your consciousness and your beings is very challenging. Yet how much more beautiful, effective and powerful you will be as a channel of God’s Love when you release those things that are not a part of this flow? They obstruct, cramp and filter it.

You all signed on to be an angel. This is your desire, to come to that condition of such purity and love that your light will shine bright. Is this an easy process? No, it is challenging. It requires a great deal of effort on your part to let go of all those things that will not reflect an angelic being. I know you do not see yourself in this way. You have humility. You do not assume anything about yourself. You merely live day by day with who you are, how you express yourself in the world, with a desire for improvement. Yet this is not just improvement of behaviour, a realignment of thinking and a different image. No beloveds, this is a fundamental change within your being and it starts from the very core of who you are and moves out into the many layers, expressions of yourself.

As this fire burns within you, it burns away many vestiges of all the conditions, even thoughts and memories, emotional memories, error that has been taught and patterns of unloving attitudes. Many, many things that are buried within your soul are burned away bit by bit. As this flame grows brighter within your soul, you shed the ashes of this conflagration within you. So you must recognize that this process is dynamic, powerful and often painful. The pain is caused by your desire to hold on to what you see as who you are. In fact, that outward conscious manifestation of who you are is a sort of paper tiger. It’s an image brought about by many experiences of what you have been taught, what you have absorbed in your life. But it is not truly who you are. It is a picture of what you have experienced and put together from these experiences in life. It reflects your life, yes indeed, but it is not your true self.

Your true self is within your soul and within that true self are many treasures yet to discover, many aspects not known and wonderful gifts still waiting to be expressed. It is in this revolution of your soul, beloveds, that you will truly shine, show the world the power of God’s Love, a testimony of this wondrous, powerful gift. Then you will be well upon your way to becoming that angelic being, something different from what you are today. Yet the essence of who you are will not be lost, just changed, enhanced.

So my beloveds, you are all struggling to come to another level of understanding. Some of you feel joyful anticipation, some of you feel waves of unease and one day may be different from the next. But I tell you that each day brings you closer to your goal, each day is precious. Each new awareness, though ever so faint, is a jewel that will expand and enlighten your conscious self. And though you may be distracted by the mundane things in your life, you are continuously growing, shedding, absorbing more Love. You are well upon your way, my beloveds, and we who assist you and love you are very, very joyed by your progress. As each of us has undergone this process of cleansing, growing, expanding and changing, we have a deep compassion for you and a love and acceptance of how you in your own way struggle along this path. We help you to make the choices you need to make in order to accelerate your progress.

God has blessed you powerfully, each one of you, because God wishes for you to come to these higher levels of awareness and being, so that He may use you in powerful and dynamic ways in the world. Each of you has a destiny, a path to trod. Many experiences and much work awaits you, waiting for those moments and time when you may express yourself in this clear, beautiful way; where Love illuminates everything and your actions are informed by the Will of God. You long for this in your souls and in many ways your souls are already at that point of awareness, knowing God’s Will. But indeed, these conditions of your mind, so powerful and dense with many biased perceptions, inhibited by caution and fear, are what stand in the way to this clear expression of your soul. So we continue to help you along this passage, this shedding of old and useless ways, patterns and conditions.

You will get there my friends, you will get there. As you come closer, what comes next will become clearer. What you are meant to do will be an expression of your faith and knowledge of God’s Will. You each have a beautiful light and many great potentials and the work you do now, how you proceed, is forging a path for many others. You will be mentoring many others who will take the road you have travelled and you will help them to understand the process of the healing of the soul and the enlightenment of the soul through God’s Love. It is so very simple in its essence, yet the road one takes is the result of the Love being unleashed within your being. It can be complex indeed as one deals with the layers of inharmonious conditions within. This is where your wisdom, your experience and your love will help many others on their journey. Yes, it would be wonderful if we on our side of life could communicate so directly with those dear mortals who struggle. This is not the case. What you hold within you, the power of your experience, your knowledge, your love will draw many to you. A palpable example of the power of God’s Love, a testimony to achieving qualities, an example for all to see.

So my beloveds, accept the process which you are all engaged in, this healing of the soul, the brightening of your consciousness, the shedding of all that which is not in harmony with this Light. Have patience and compassion for yourselves, for each other and speak of your own trials and tribulations.

There is no need to keep within you your struggles. For within each of you is an awareness of how it is in your world and you are all compassionate souls. Be open and loving, accepting and acknowledging that each of you will come to Pure Light in time. Encourage one another in this and love one another upon this journey. For God has provided this fellowship, this beautiful embracing of one another in trust and love. And we are always there my beloveds, always there to be with you, to walk with you, to encourage you, to love you. Does not God provide all that you need for your benefit, for your growth, for the unfolding of your souls’ awakening? It will ever be thus. God bless you my beloveds. I am Alec and I am always with you because you are my charges. It is my gift and blessing, to help oversee your work to establish the Truth of God’s Love in this world. God bless you, Alec loves you. God bless you.